Caroline Quentin to present The UK’s National Parks on More4


Channel 4 has unveiled a new series celebrating the majesty of the UK’s National Parks on More4.

Hosted by Caroline Quentin, The UK’s National Parks will showcase the awe-inspiring splendour and diverse activities thriving within the United Kingdom’s cherished National Parks.

Airing on More4, this brand-new show will illuminate the essence of these natural wonders like never before.

Throughout the series, Caroline Quentin embarks on a remarkable journey to explore the enchanting landscapes and hidden treasures nestled within the heart of the National Parks. With each episode, viewers will join her on a captivating exploration to unravel the inner workings of these parks, uncovering the irresistible allure that draws people to their embrace and delving into their strategies for sustainable growth and preservation.

Caroline’s immersive escapades will traverse the breathtaking expanse of the UK’s National Parks, from the captivating wonders of Bannau Brycheiniog (formerly Brecon Beacons) in Wales, to the timeless allure of Scotland’s ancient Cairngorms forests, the rich tapestry of historical settlements in the Peak District of England, and a multitude of other captivating locations spread across these cherished parks.

The UK’s National Parks with Caroline Quentin starts on Monday, 18 September at 9PM on More4.

Host Caroline Quentin, a former President of the Campaign for National Parks, said: “My connection with the National Parks goes back years, so to be able to explore so many aspects of them in this new series has been wonderful.

“Not only do I get to visit the most beautiful places across the UK, but I also get to meet the people whose lives are shaped by living and working in the parks themselves.”

Sohail Shah, MD of programme makers King of Sunshine Productions added: “The UK’s National Parks attract visitors from around the world. With stunning views, diverse wildlife, and their own individual histories, they truly have it all. I can’t think of a better guide than Caroline Quentin to showcase everything that the parks of England, Scotland and Wales have to offer.”

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