Cards Against Humanity set to become a TV gameshow on Comedy Central

Channel orders a pilot based on the "party game for horrible people"

Comedy Central is reportedly turning “despicable and awkward” party game Cards Against Humanity into a TV gameshow.


Cards Against Humanity, which describes itself as “a party game for horrible people”, involves players competing to be the funniest or most outrageous.

Taking turns, they pick a black card, featuring either a question to answer or a statement with blanks to fill.

For instance, one card in the UK edition reads: ‘Today on The Jeremy Kyle Show: Help! My son is ___!’

The other players must then choose a response from one of their white cards, and whoever gets the most chuckles wins an ‘Awesome Point’.

Originally funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Cards Against Humanity has enjoyed huge success since it launched in 2011.

Now it could become TV’s next big thing after Comedy Central ordered a pilot based on the game.


It’s unclear how the format will work on television, but bosses are seeking members of the public to take part.

Anyone who fancies being a contestant in the test run can apply online here.

CPL Productions, the company behind A League Of Their Own and Married At First Sight, is making the show.

A source told The Sun: “Comedy Central has declared war on the easily offended with what could be one of the most complained-about shows.

“Anyone who has ever played Cards Against Humanity knows it’s not for the timid.

“But it’s also hilarious and has sold millions by tapping into the thrill we all get — but don’t admit to — when we say something we shouldn’t.

“Rival channels will kick themselves and wonder why they didn’t think of it.”


Should Comedy Central commission a full series, Cards Against Humanity would join its ever-growing slate of original shows.

The channel recently launched a comedy revival of classic quiz Blockbusters, fronted by Dara O’Briain.