Buy It Now Christmas products online – Dock, Supernova Protein, Aftersocks and more

Buy It Now for Christmas products - where to buy online - Dock, Supernova Protein, Aftersocks, Stop Crack, Steady Spin, Plugull

Here’s where to buy Buy It Now for Christmas’s products from the fourth episode on December 19.

The show invites innovators to pitch new products to an audience of shoppers. They are given just 90 seconds to introduce their inventions in the hope of sales directly from members of the public as well as big retailers.

Rylan Clark-Neal hosts the series as the fledgling business owners try and get their new products on the shelves in time for Christmas sales.

They first pitch live to an audience who are able give direct feedback on the new ideas before deciding whether or not to biy. Then three well-known retailers – Amazon Launchpad, Lakeland and JML – get the chance of making a life changing bulk order for their stores and websites.

Here are the products from the fourth episode (Thursday, December 19) that are available to buy now and where to order them online…

Dock – Buy here

Have you ever had your friends over and one of the first questions you get is ‘What is your Wi-Fi password?’ Instead of trying to type It in manually, your guests can now tap Dock with the back of their phones or flip it and scan it with their phone cameras and connect instantly! Say ‘Goodbye’ To your Wi-Fi password today and say ‘Hello’ to Dock! Buy it here

Supernova Protein – Buy here

Supernova Protein is a protein rich, vegan nutritional supplement. With a unique blend of fermented pea protein, organic brown rice and unique ingredient golden chlorella to form the protein base. It offers much more from a protein powder than ‘just protein’ with added organic adaptogens, non-toxic plants that keep the body and mind in balance. Buy it here

Aftersocks – Buy here

Socks with a barely-there sole that make them suitable for your emergency walk home after a night of partying. Buy them here

Stop Creak – Buy here

Stop Creak is designed to eliminate friction and lubricate engineered wood and laminate floors that have dried out or contracted beyond specification. Stop Creak breathes new life into click system floors, allowing the planks to move freely and silently while also providing a moisture barrier that protects. Buy it here

Steady Spin – Buy here

Steady Spin is an anti-vibration washing machine pad. Easy to use with no heavy lifting or fitting involved, the Steady Spin sits on top of your machine underneath the countertop, absorbing the vibrations, reducing noise and stopping your machine from bouncing its way across the room! Buy here

S’Wheat Bottle – Buy here

S’wheat is the world’s first reusable water bottle made from plant-based material! Buy it here

Plugull – Buy here

Plugull is described as an innovative product designed to help improve people’s lives. Plugull easily fit snug to your plugs allowing them to maintain its easy “plugpull” function as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Buy it here.

Hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal, Buy It Now aired across four instalments Thursday nights on Channel 4.

Episodes are available to watch online and catch up on via All4.

You can also watch the first series online here.