Bruno Tonioli doesn’t want same sex couple on Strictly ‘just for headlines’

Bruno Tonioli says he doesn’t want a same-sex couple on Strictly Come Dancing just to get headlines.


The Strictly judge wants to see the show’s first same sex celebrity and pro pairing only when it’s with the “right person”.

He told the The Sun newspaper: “We would have to be very careful because we wouldn’t want to do it just to get headlines.”

“It has to be the right person and couple for it to work.”

Added Bruno: “The search needs to start and it’s something that is possible.”

“But it shouldn’t be headline chasing.”

It comes as Dancing On Ice on ITV recently featured its first same-sex couple with Ian ‘H’ Watkins skating with professional Matt Evers.

H had revealed he wouldn’t have taken part in the series had the same-sex partnership not happened.

He told The Sun newspaper: “If they had said no, I would have pulled out because it means so much to me. I know who I am. I’m a dad, so my kids will be watching it, so I want them to see me as my authentic self.”

The BBC previously said they were “completely open” to same-sex pairings on the show.

In a statement, they explained: “Strictly Come Dancing is an inclusive show and we are proud to have featured same-sex dancing amongst the professional dancers in group numbers in previous series.


“We are completely open to the prospect of including same-sex pairings between our celebrities and professional dancers in the future, should the opportunity arise.”

Strictly Come Dancing will air on BBC One in the autumn.