Brooke Vincent on Dancing On Ice, Coronation Street and doing it for the girls

Brooke Vincent has spilled all on juggling Coronation Street with Dancing On Ice.


Ahead of tonight’s latest live performance, Brooke has been speaking about her time on Dancing On Ice so far.

And she confessed: “I thought that I had a busy life before I started Dancing on Ice, but doing this alongside Coronation Street has been chaos but I’ve done it!

“It’s always a nice relief when I have a day off so I can concentrate solely on skating. I has been really tough, when I get to training I’m tired and snappy and Matej just deals with it and understands, which is really good.”

Brooke added: “It’s a bit like having kids when people say ‘I don’t know what I did before.’ That’s exactly how I feel.

dancing on ice brooke

“I don’t know what I did with my time before now. I don’t stay in bed past 7am anymore. It’s mad. It’s a completely different routine, a complete change of my life.”


The actress says she’s excited to show people Brooke rather than her TV character Sophie.

She said: “I love when my VTs come in and it’s me. I love it with my style of clothing, my hats, my no make up, how I talk, how I am, how I mess about, I love that people get to see that side of me, because for 14 years a lot of people have only seen one side that’s not me, it’s just my face.

“It’s been mega for people to get me, which is really good.”

Admitting to finding each and every performance scary, Brooke went on to say she wanted to stay in the competition “for the girls”.

She explained: “I want to do it for the girls that aren’t the girly girls. I’m a normal girl, I don’t where make up every day, I do look rough. I don’t put make up on to go to the gym, that’s not my thing. I want to do it for the girls that have left the competition – Perri, Steph, Candice and Cheryl.”

But win or lose, Brooke isn’t looking forward to the end of the series: “I never thought I would get so attached to everybody. We are like a little family. The class of 2018.

dancing on ice 2018 week 6 brooke

“As I say to Matej all the time, when he goes back to the US and I’m back at work, I’ll think ‘we’ve spent every day together for two months’, and we’ve bickered and we’ve laughed and it’s been a massive emotional rollercoaster.


“I want to win for him as well, and when we stand in front to he judges and they don’t give us the scores that we want, it’s horrible sometimes,” she added.

Dancing On Ice’s Double Elimination special takes place on Sunday 18th February at 6pm on ITV.