Bromans: Meet the couples of contestants on ITV2’s new reality show

Bromans cast of contestants: Meet the Bromans couples

The Bromans continues tonight and here’s a run down of the couples of contestants on the ITV2 series.


The new reality series – described as ‘Love Island meets Gladiators’ – sees eight eight 21st century lads are to be transported back in time to the Roman Empire.

Together with their partners, who will be helping them along the way, they’ll fight it out to see if they can cut it as gladiators.

Cameras follow eight modern day couples as they’re transported to an ancient world where they’ll live and fight like gladiators did 2,000 years ago.

In a past teaser for the new series, which first started last month, ITV2 has promised “blood, sweat, tears and plenty of laughs.”

 The Bromans.
The Bromans. Molina and Kai, Richard and Sophii, Nicola and Brandon, Cherelle and Dino, Summer and Glenn, Jordan and Jade, Natalie and Tian and Tom and Rhiannon.

At the end of the new reality game show, one of pairs of contestants will emerge victorious and take home the Emperor’s gold (which today works out at ‘approximately’ £10,000!).

In the show, the boys will be trained by the fearsome “Doctore”, played by David McIntosh, and take part in daily, physical tasks, leading up to a grand final where they’ll battle it out in the colosseum in front of a baying crowd. Those who don’t cut it will be banished from the city.


The boy’s girlfriends will join them on their journey, helping to train and prepare them for the Games as well as immersing themselves in ancient Roman tasks – from wine making to sculpting.

Bromans contestants

Dino & Cherelle
Dino [24] and Cherelle [24] are both from Essex. They are fitness fanatics who think they could be the most competitive couple on the show as they always played to win.

Jordan & Jade
Jordan [25] and Jade [24] are both from Leeds and are the jokers of the group, they both enjoyed clowning around. Initially thinking neither was competitive they soon found themselves drawn in via the training.

Brandon & Nicola
Brandon [20] and Nicola [20] are both from Kent. They met on Snapchat after both posting at the same time they wanted to go watch The Jungle Book – Nicola then asked Brandon if he wanted to go with her. Since that first date they now go everywhere together and Brandon calls Nicole his best friend.

Tian & Natalie
Tian [21] and Natalie [33] are both from Northampton. They have been together for over two years and enjoy each other’s company. Neither are competitive but they do enjoy a laugh together.

Kai & Modina
Kai [26] and Modina [21] are both from Essex and have been together three years.

The Bromans.
The Bromans. Tom, Richard, Dino, Brandon, Glenn, Jordan, Tian and Kai.

Tom & Rhian
Tom [22, London] and Rhiannon [21, Surrey] have been together nearly four years. They both impressed each other during their time on Bromans with their strength and physical abilities.

Richard & Soph
Richard [24] and Sophii [26] are both from Cardiff and have been together for 3 years. They’re a fun, laid back couple but both felt their competitive sides came out during Bromans.


Glenn & Summer
Glenn [22] and Summer [19] are both from London and have been going out together for just over a year. They prefer to party and just have fun but soon found Roman life bringing out the competitive side to their personalities.

Bromans continues tonight with episode seven of eight tonight on Thursday, October 26 at 9PM.