Britain’s Got Talent winner Tokio Myers hopes he will “stick around” in music

Composer concerned about how acts from the talent contest "come and go"

Tokio Myers has admitted he’s concerned about whether he can “stick around” in the music business as a Britain’s Got Talent winner.


The ITV talent contest has featured several popular music acts over the years, such as champions Paul Potts, Jai MacDowall and Collabro.

However, few have been able to achieve any longevity with their careers, and Tokio is aiming to buck the trend.

“I think my goal now is just to be able to stick around,” he told the Metro. “That’s the truth.

“With these shows, especially Britain’s Got Talent, people come and go.

“My thing is to hopefully prove I’m a worthy artist, not just a TV celebrity guy. That’s the mission right now.”

The former Royal College of Music student says one of his ultimate ambitions is to compose film scores.


“I would love to collaborate in the way Hans Zimmer has done,” he said.

“I love all the work he’s done. It’s very inspiring. I’d love to go down that route and write for films as well as keeping touring and all the good stuff.”

Tokio had full creative control of his debut album, Our Generation, which charted at number four in November.

He also recently teamed up with athlete and ex-The Voice UK contestant Jazmin Sawyers to rework the hymn Jerusalem for this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Now he’s about to embark on his own headline tour, and hopes it will leave fans “blown away”.

Describing it as “a really big moment in my career”, he commented: “It’s going to be very different to anything anyone’s seen. It’s all about the experience.”


Tokio’s tour begins on Monday in Edinburgh, with a full schedule available on his website.

Meanwhile, a new series of Britain’s Got Talent is due to begin on ITV in mid-April.