Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists: The acts who did NOT make the live shows

The Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists have been confirmed but some surprising acts didn’t make the cut.


This weekend saw the four judges pick the top 40 contestants from all of the successful auditionees to make the semi-finals, joining the five golden buzzers who had guaranteed spots in the next stage..

There were plenty of arguments and clashes between the panel as they made the choices, eventually compromising on a line up that they all agreed on.

But who was NOT in the next round? Here are six of the more surprising omissions…

Kai Hou

26-year-old Kai Hou from Berlin stunned the judges with an acrobatic performance on stage, involving jumping through hoops, and using David as his assistant. “That was the only time I really wanted one of these danger acts to go wrong so I’m disappointed,” joked Simon.



House of Swag Kids

House of Swag Kids are a dance group aged between 6 and 16 from Dublin. They perform to a medley of songs, telling a story about mental health and positivity. “I loved the way you put the whole thing together, fantastic audition!” Alesha raved about the performance.


Christian Wedoy

36-year-old Christian Wedoy flew in from Norway to audition for the judges, performing an escape from a glass tank of water while handcuffed. As part of the shocking act, the judges played Russian Roulette with the keys to the padlocked tank before Christian could attempt his escape. The trick fortunately went to plan with Christian escaping with his life – and four yeses into the next round.


Claire-Marie and Jason

Claire-Marie, 45, and Jason 47, from Kent are a knife-throwing danger act. The couple started their audition by throwing knives at Claire-Marie while blindfolded before inviting Simon and David on stage to take part in the act. Simon joked after the audition: “Unfortunately you missed David!”



D Day Juniors

D Day Juniors are a War time vocal group set up by BGT alumni D Day Darlings. Made up of 20 members aged between 6 and 16 from the Midlands, they perform an original song called ‘Pass it on’ which is about passing the message forward and making new songs about remembrance. The polished performance got four yeses from the judges who were full of praise for the group.


Diana Vedyashinka

35-year-old trainer Diana Vedyashinka from Russia provided a cuteness overload as she appeared on stage with her five dachshunds for a unique dance routine. Diana and her dogs got four yeses to see her into the callbacks, with Amanda enthusing: “I loved it so much, it was the cutest thing!”


The Britain’s Got Talent 2020 semi-finals will begin on Saturday, September 5 on ITV.

They will then continue weekly leading to a grand final in October.