Britain’s Got Talent fans think they know who the ‘masked magician’ is

Britain’s Got Talent fans think they’ve worked out the identity of a mystery magician.


Ant and Dec were the centre of an act on Saturday night show going simply by the name ‘X’.

The Geordie duo got involved with the mindbending performance in one of the ‘spookiest’ auditions ever.

The mentalist tested how in sync they are with each other, making Ant act as a voodoo doll for Dec, before they both drew the same picture without looking.

Throughout the audition, the contestant kept their identity hidden, wearing a face mask and using voice overs to give instructions.

The mystery prompted Ant to joke to Dec: “Imagine at the end they take off the mask and it’s someone we know. Like your wife.”

“Now that would be a shock!” laughed Dec.

Viewers however think they know who it could be, suggesting it’s another BGT contestant.

Some fans think that the magician is none other than Elizabeth who appeared in the first episode of the series.

The Haunting.
Elizabeth aka The Haunting.

She freaked out Amanda Holden with a magic trick and told the judges: “The night’s not over yet.”

One BGT viewer tweeted: “It’s that woman from last week wearing a mask She said she’d be back and it wasn’t over.”

Another added: “I think its Elizabeth. Imagine if she gets through every time. Loved it.”

Both Elizabeth and the mysterious X got four yeses from the judges to make it through to the next round.

After X’s audition on Saturday, David Walliams praised: “That was the spookiest thing we’ve ever seen on Britain’s Got Talent.

“It was one incredible bit of magic after another. Just a perfect act, well done.”

And Simon Cowell concluded: “Extraordinary. It’s impossible to do what you did unless you’ve got magic powers.”


Britain’s Got Talent 2019 continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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