Britain’s Got Talent dancers RISE face nervous wait to see if they make the live shows

Britain’s Got Talent dance group RISE saying they’re feeling the pressure as they wait to see if they make the live shows.


Eleven-strong dance group Rise auditioned for the show on Saturday.

Their appearance was a poignant moment for member Hollie Booth, who was involved in last year’s Manchester terror attack. She was left severely injured by the atrocity, and tragically lost her aunt. RISE demonstrated their support for Hollie by performing a routine involving wheelchairs.

Alesha called them “remarkable women”, while David said: “It was so beautiful and moving, it almost didn’t seem real. This whole performance is a testament to your talent, and your incredible friendship.”

Amanda added: “It’s so important to be shaped by tragedy, but never defined by it. Congratulations.”

The audition was so moving that the judges went backstage afterwards to personally greet RISE – but the group didn’t get a golden buzzer.

It means they’re still waiting to find out if they’ve made the live semi-finals later this year.


Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine, group choreographer Thea Boyle said they were working on new routines in the hope they’ll make the cut.

She said: “There’s a lot of pressure on us right now.

“Luckily as we did that audition I already had ideas in my mind in case. We didn’t want to give our hopes up too much, but I had lots of ideas planned.”

Thea added: “Now we are just working on everything we can in the hope we’re gonna make the next stage. We’re just waiting. We’re just playing the waiting game right now.”


Britain’s Got Talent auditions continue Saturday nights on ITV.

Of those who make it through, 40 contestants will make the live shows alongside 5 golden buzzer acts who are guaranteed a place.