Britain’s Got Talent 2019 auditions recap: Latest results from episode four

Who got Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer spot? Catch up on this week's acts

A heroic mind-reading dog and a roller-skating duo entertained the nation on week four of Britain’s Got Talent 2019, as Alesha Dixon hit the Golden Buzzer.


The ITV show’s search for an act worthy of Royal Variety Performance is in full swing – but tonight some of the acts weren’t even fit for Simon Cowell.

The miserable Syco boss couldn’t keep his hands off his buzzer – and even WALKED OUT of the theatre when one returning act divided the panel for the second year running.

Fortunately, he was cheered up by two young stars in the making: a 9-year-old dancer and a 10-year-old singer-songwriter.

Meanwhile, Alesha’s Golden Buzzer pick was revealed – leaving Amanda Holden as the only person yet to use the special power.

Here’s our full round-up of tonight’s results!

Derek Sandy
Derek Sandy

The Yeses

Derek Sandy (4 yeses) – Derek – 56 by age but 26 at heart – adores his home on the Isle of Wight, and he wants everyone to know about it. There’s few bigger platforms to get his message across than BGT, so he sang his own track for the judges, aptly named ‘Welcome to the Isle of Wight’. His performance was accompanied by a slideshow of photos he’d took at some beauty spots, and he even gave Ant and Dec ‘I heart the Isle of Wight’ T-shirts. “That is the sexiest song I’ve ever heard about the Isle of Wight!” exclaimed David Walliams, while Alesha pledged to pay the county a visit. Its tourism board is surely thrilled with the promotion!


Matt Stirling (4 yeses) – Burly Matt may have been confused for a bodybuilder by Simon, and security at the venues he’s played, but he’s actually been performing magic since his teenage years. The trickster began his cinema-themed auditioned by getting each judge to secretly pick a card labelled with a different film. He asked Amanda to close her eyes and hold her palm to his – at which point, a mystery figure walked across the stage while up in flames. She opened her eyes and confirmed her card said ‘Man on Fire’, prompting gasps from the audience. He then repeated the stunt with a man tumbling from a balcony for ‘Skyfall’, a Neo imitator for ‘The Matrix’ and even a strip show for Magic Mike. Alesha praised the humour in his routine, while Simon said his imagination gives him “star potential”.

Dave and Finn
Dave and Finn

Dave and Finn (4 yeses) – Dog lover Simon was all smiles when police officer Dave turned up with Finn, who seems to be a canine mind-reader. David covertly wrote a word down on a pad of paper, showing it to the German Shepherd – only for an unaware Dave to correctly announce the word as ‘table’ after making a connection with his best friend. The audition took an emotional turn when Dave played a slideshow revealing how Finn saved his life by taking a blade for him in the line of duty. Simon went on stage to randomly pick a word describing Finn – who made a full recovery – and it turned out the one he chose, ‘heroic’, was engraved on the pup’s collar tag. “This felt really special, very emotive,” opined Amanda. “What an incredible story you told there. We have to thank you for the job that you both do, putting your life on the line,” added David.

Ethan Higgins (4 yeses) – 9-year-old dancer Ethan immediately had Simon’s support when he cheekily said he wouldn’t spent any of the £250,000 BGT prize money on David’s bestselling children’s books. He then won over the rest of the room with some cool moves that would be impressive for someone twice his age, leaving his proud parents beaming at the side of the stage. “I thought you were going to do traditional Irish dancing! We love surprises,” commented Simon. “You’ve got amazing style and you filled the stage brilliantly,” added Alesha.

Rosie and Adam
Rollerbatics, a.k.a. Rosie and Adam

Rollerbatics (4 yeses) – Blackpool couple Rosie and Adam’s talent was immediately obvious when they glided on to the stage in roller skates. What did surprise the panel, however, was that they’d only been training together for three months – the same amount of time they’ve been dating – with BGT marking their first public performance. Despite their short history, they wowed the crowd with some impressive tricks, as Adam lifted Rosie upside down and swung her around by her legs. “You’re like the Dirty Dancing of roller skating!” remarked Alesha. “You’ve taken something that might have been seen as a bit old-fashioned and made it seem really cool, sexy and up-to-date,” noted David. “It was more like ice skating than roller skating. I find roller skating a bit boring, but this is a really, really good act,” added Simon.


Sheila Callaghan (3 yeses) – Kooky Sheila singer brought her ironing board to her audition in a bid to calm her nerves, becaue she “sings with it at home”. She also brought her own original song, “about someone who’s done such a lot for the entertainment industry”. David predicted it would be about Simon, but it turned out Sheila was actually talking about the comedian himself – with the annoyed Syco boss immediately hitting his buzzer in protest. “I think it was the worst song I’ve ever heard. Every part of it made me feel physically sick,” he sniped, giving her a big fat no. David, however, was chuffed rotten, reacting: “I don’t know what I enjoyed more: your wonderful song, or the look on Simon’s face!”

Katherine and Joe

Chucklefoot (3 yeses) – Grumpy guts Simon remained in a foul mood when one-man band Roger, known by his nickname Chucklefoot, took to the stage. The 73-year-old opened his song with the line “don’t give Granny any whiskey at the wedding, and everything will be fine”, but Simon hated it so much that he didn’t just hit his buzzer, he left the desk and sat in the audience. However, the other three judges had so much fun that they got up and clapped along. “It’s good old-fashioned British entertainment, and that’s what our show is all about,” said Amanda.

Katherine and Joe (2 of 3 yeses) – Just when it seemed things couldn’t get worse for Simon, a blast from the past came back to confront him. Katherine and Joe divided the panel last year when they dressed up as Beauty and the Beast to sing the Disney classic’s soundtrack. This year, they returned as Elsa and Sven from Frozen – with Joe wisely ditching the mic and tap dancing instead. Simon and Alesha both buzzed, and when Amanda encouraged the crowd to cheer, a fed-up Simon decided he’d had enough and walked out of the theatre. With only three judges present for the vote, the two yesses Katherine and Joe received were enough to get them on the live show shortlist. “The public have voted you in, and the public are never wrong!” proclaimed Amanda.

Giorgia Borg
Giorgia Borg

The Golden Buzzer

Giorgia Borg (Alesha’s Golden Buzzer) – Recent viewers of BGT and sister show The X Factor know that Malta is home to some incredible young singers. Following in the footsteps of Destiny Chukunyere and Gaia Cauchi, this year Giorgia has travelled to the UK for her shot at stardom at just ten years old. However, she didn’t just come to show off her vocals – as she also opted to perform a self-written song. Named after her age, ‘Ten’ is about how parents sometimes don’t take what their kids say seriously – but the grown-up sound and powerful performance meant there was no chance of anyone ignoring Giorgia.

“I have a son who’s five. Trust me, I listen to him, not the other way around. I learn a lot more from him than other people, so I get it. It was amazing,” revealed Simon. “I can’t believe you’re ten years old, I was barely out of nappies!” quipped David. Itching to respond, Alesha felt they’d spent enough time beating around the bush. “Oh, forget this,” she interrupted, and pressed the Golden Buzzer, guaranteeing Giorgia a place in the semi-finals. “It takes a lot to really, really move me, and you absolutely floored me,” the Mis-Teeq star explained. “I love everything about you.”

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