Britain’s Got Talent 2018 recap: All the results from the last week of auditions

Who impressed the judges in week seven? Catch up here

Another epic year of auditions drew to a close on Britain’s Got Talent 2018 tonight with a school choir, a zombie dance crew and a disco party.


The latest episode saw judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams squeeze in a few more try-outs before facing the mammoth task of deciding who to put through to the live shows.

None of the last-minute hopefuls suffered the embarrassment of being buzzed – although Simon did seem to lose the plot when a human dog demonstrated its Irish dancing skills.

There was also a little sibling rivalry when a pair of brothers auditioned separately with different talents.

Read on for our round-up of week seven…

St Lawrence’s Choir

St Lawrence’s Choir (4 yesses) – The kids of St Lawrence’s Primary School in Northern Ireland were doubly excited for their BGT appearance, as it was the first time some of them had visited London. They may be back very soon, as their rendition of the Willy Wonka song ‘Pure Imagination’ had David praising the “beauty and purity” in their voices. “I really like that song, I think you’ve got great voices, I like the energy,” remarked Simon. “I thought you represented Northern Ireland and your school brilliantly,” said Amanda.

Spotlight Stage School (4 yesses) – Birmingham’s Spotlight Stage School exploded on to the stage with a colourful performance that combined dance, acrobatics and magic tricks. The group – featuring several 9 to 17-year-olds – slid down a pole, sawed one of their members in half, and finished with a human pyramid. “What is there not to like about you guys? The way you present yourself, the formations, the tricks, that was fantastic,” Alesha commented. “It was, in a word, magic,” added David.

Futunity UK.
Futunity UK

Futunity (4 yesses) – The London Palladium was the scene of a zombie invasion when Futunity – “It’s like future and unity put together” – took over the theatre with defense sirens and warning messages. Fortunately, the dance troupe wasn’t there to feast on the audience’s brains, but entertain them with a slick routine. “This was a fantastic idea, brilliantly executed,” said David. “I said this year, if there’s one thing we’re looking for, it’s zombies,” quipped Simon. “It was really inventive and you made an impact.”

Dudley The Dancing Dog (Yes) – A series of Britain’s Got Talent wouldn’t be complete without a dog act. However, this year’s pooch du jour turned out to be two humans inside a giant canine costume. Simon seemed bemused as ‘Dudley’ began Irish dancing, but the other judges cracked a smile when he cocked a leg. “I mean, it’s Simon’s dream come true. If you had a pack it’d be incredible,” Amanda smirked. “Uh, different. Twelve years and it’s come down to this,” sighed Simon.

Dudley the Dancing Dog

Nick Page (4 yesses) – Escape To The Country viewers may recognise Nick, who presented the BBC show while starting out as a comedian in 2002. Now, sixteen years later, he hopes BGT will help him hit the big time. Highlights of his stand-up included this gag: “If I’d given a donation to a charity that gives financial aid to young mums you’d think I was good, yes? But if I said I’d been to a lapdancing club…” The audience gave Nick a standing ovation. “You’re really clever, I love that you’re so self-deprecating,” said Amanda. “Brilliant material, fantastic delivery, and you’re a very memorable character,” reviewed David.

Shaquille Rayes (4 yesses) – Although they look like they’re twins, the Rayes brothers are actually a year apart in age. There was a “little bit” of a rivalry between the pair as they auditioned for BGT separately, showcasing different talents.

First up was singer and piano player Shaquille, who performed ‘Crescent’, an original song he wrote about his dad. The judges liked the 20-year-old, though had concerns about the song and his delivery. “You’re very charismatic, you look great, you’ve got a great personality. For me the song was a bit tentative, it could be nerves,” Simon observed. “You do need to work on your confidence, but that will come with experience,” Alesha encouraged.

Shameer Rayes (4 yesses) – “Weren’t you just on stage?” joked Alesha as dancer Shameer followed his older brother. The 19-year-old, who draws inspiration from his mum’s own dancing skills, wowed the panel with a themed routine about a doll that came to life. “For me it’s not about what’s technically good, it’s, ‘can you make a statement in two minutes’. What you just did then was really special. I mean seriously, seriously good,” gushed Simon. “Your music choices were fantastic. I love that you’re a raw, natural, authentic talent and a breath of fresh air,” said Alesha.

Britain's Got Talent 2018 - Shaquille Rayes
Shaquille Reyes

DJ Murray Mint (4 yesses) – He may have been the last act on the audition tour, but Murray Mint ensured it ended with a bang as he whipped the crowd in to a frenzy with a disco party. The DJ came all the way from San Frandisco – a.k.a. Middlesborough – with a trio of dancers, who handed out hats, garlands and flags to the judges. Ant, Dec and David even managed to drag Simon on to the confetti-covered stage to clap along. “Perfect way to end the show, the auditions, you’ve got four big fat yesses,” he grinned.


In total, 182 acts were shortlisted for this year’s live shows – but there are only 40 places on the bill.

DJ Murray Mint

The auditions are followed by Deliberation Day, when the judges decide which 35 acts they want to perform live for the nation.

Whoever they choose will join the five Golden Buzzer acts already through to the semi-finals.

They are Marc Spelmann (Ant and Dec’s choice), Tim and Jack Goodacre (Simon), Donchez Dacres (David), Lifford Shillingford (Alesha), and Gruffydd Wyn Roberts (Amanda).

The results of Deliberation Day will be revealed later tonight.


Britain’s Got Talent goes live on Monday night at 7.30pm on ITV, with the results show at 9.30pm.

Spin-off show Britain’s Got More Talent with Stephen Mulhern airs immediately afterwards at 10.00pm on ITV2.