Britain’s Got Talent 2018 judges AMAZED by Lynn Holland’s cover of Amazing Grace

Lynn Holland surprised the Britain’s Got Talent judges with a cover of Amazing Grace.


Away from the main show, on Britain’s Got More Talent we met singer Lynn Holland.

She took to the stage with a cover of Amazing Grace.

“My name is Lynn,” said the 71-year-old as she introduced herself to the judges.

You can watch her audition in the video below…

Her rousing rendition of the song got all four judges on their feet.


And with four yeses, she made it through to the next round.

Auditions continued on Saturday night with the third round of try outs.

Other acts making it through on BGT at the weekend included illusionist group Magus Utopia, who freaked out everyone with their performance, 16-year-old singer Amy Marie Borg and ballroom dancing duo Lexie and Christopher.

Also getting through to the next round were The Ratpackers, made up of modern day Rat Pack singers Dennis DeMille (51) and Marvin Muoneke (22), dance group Baba Yega and comedy magician Mandy Muden.

Tim and Jack Goodacre, 43-year-old Dad, Tim and 12-year-old Jack went one further. The father and son sang an original song ‘The Lucky One’s together, and got Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer.

Britain’s Got More Talent airs Saturday nights on ITV2.

It follows the main series of Britain’s Got Talent 2018 on ITV.


Stephen will be getting to know a whole new host of hilarious unseen contestants in his own unique way and as ever, it’s these acts that make Britain’s Got More Talent such compelling viewing.

Plus, Stephen continues to get the very best access to the judges, finding out more about them, and more importantly what the judges think of each other! This series will be as fun filled as ever with Stephen asking the judges and acts all the questions that no one else would dare to, and playing games with them that no one else would want to.