Britain’s Got Talent 2018 auditions: The best performances from week three

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 auditions continued on Saturday night and here the best try outs from the third week.


Based on online hits and shares since the weekend, here are the top four ranked performances.

But who came out on top? Here’s the full countdown…

Tim and Jack Goodacre

Tim and Jack are a father and son from a musical family, who have “always wanted” to do something like BGT together. 12-year-old Jack was cautious about Simon, but noted: “He has children now, so he might have a little sympathy”. They performed ‘The Lucky Ones’, an original song they’d written together about how they’re “lucky to have what we have”.

The audience got on their feet in applause, and it turned out there was no need for Jack to worry, as Simon quickly pressed the Golden Buzzer. Joining them on stage amid a shower of confetti, the music mogul commented: “You are special. That was fantastic. I love that song, it reminded me of me and my boy. Just magic.” Alesha claimed they’re “by far the coolest father and son act we’ve ever had”.



Magus Utopia

Led by Marcel Kalisvaart, who turned his “crazy hobby” of magic in to his passion, this Dutch illusion group stunned the theatre with a terrifying trick. Marcel was sealed in a blacked out cage, which had spears driven through it and went up in flames – only for him to wake up in bed moments later as if it had all been a dream.

“It felt so twisted, dark and surreal, I loved it,” commented Amanda. “I am thrilled that you chose BGT to show this. It’s really good,” added Simon.


Amy Marie Borg

Amy had a case of the jitters as she took to the stage, scoring her nerves at 9 on a 1-10 scale. Nonetheless, the 16-year-old, who hails from Malta, powered through her performance of Nella Fantasia, showing off her operatic voice.

“You mugged me, didn’t you?” pondered Simon. “We didn’t think you’d be able to talk, let alone sing, and you genuinely filled the room. It was glorious.” David said she was “like watching a caterpillar turn in to a butterfly”.



Mandy Muden

A full-time entertainer whose family have no idea what she does, Mandy left the audience in stitches with her comedy magic. She drew what the judges were thinking of on a flipchart, with hilarious results.

Amanda picked the four of clubs out of a deck of cards, but Mandy had only sketched three – so she produced a real spade to make up for it. “I don’t get why you’re not already a comedy superstar,” said David. “It’s full of variety. I think everybody’s gonna love you,” grinned Amanda.


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