Britain’s Got Talent 2018 auditions recap: Who made it through in week six?

Latest BGT results revealed as Amanda Holden presses the Golden Buzzer

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 aired its penultimate auditions episode tonight, featuring a comedy musician, a stripping magician – and Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer act.


While the nation has been gripped by Royal Wedding fever today, the BGT judges continued their search for an act fit for the Queen.

Amanda, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams gave their backing to a cake-eating singer, a tap-dancing troupe and a sibling music duo.

One hopeful then overcame their nerves, only for Amanda sent them straight through to the live shows.

Catch up with all the latest results below…

The Yesses

Sarah Llewellyn (4 yesses) – Britain’s Got Talent has featured many opera singers over the years, but never one that’s eaten cake mid-song. Sarah also got Ant to hold her microphone as she performed gymnastics during this bizarre but entertaining try-out. “Do you have a second song?” Simon jokingly asked. “We’ve never heard a sexy cake-eating opera singer, this is perfect for the royal family,” said Amanda. “You could be the entertainment at Meghan and Harry’s wedding!”

Sarah Llwellyn
Sarah Llwellyn

Ben Langley (4 yesses) – Variety act Ben has progressed from street performing to holiday parks, and now hopes BGT will give him another big push. He had the audience in fits of laughter with a comedy routine involving misheard song lyrics. Ant and Dec even came out of the sidelines so they could witness the mayhem. “Brilliantly funny, perfect for the Royal Variety, it’s so fast-paced, so funny,” reviewed David. “I could watch you forever and ever, what a great character,” added Alesha.


Made Up North (4 yesses) – As the name suggests, this young boyband hails from the north of England. The five-piece aspires to be the next One Direction, and following in the footsteps of the X Factor favourites, they won praise from the panel for their performance of Elton John’s ‘Electricity’. “I hope you inspire lots of other young boys to get involved in things they’re passionate about,” Alesha commented. “You’re ten! I couldn’t imagine my own daughter doing that, I think you’re so brave!” gushed Amanda.

Made Up North.
Made Up North

Oscar Donnelly (4 yesses) – At six years old, Oscar’s about a decade away from learning how to drive – but he already has grand plans for BGT’s £250,000 prize, which he wants to spend on a Bugatti. It’s just as well, then, that the judges were impressed with his Irish dancing skills. “Well done, what a little star you are!” exclaimed David. “You are so professional for six years old, that’s unbelievable,” cooed Amanda. “I think you could be replacing Brendan Cole on Strictly, what do you think?” chuckled Simon.

Micky P Kerr (4 yesses) – Leeds lad Micky has an “amazing” job as a primary school teacher – but he’s also a “daft idiot” (his words), and he channels that in to hilarious comedy songs. He started with a track about travelling in Europe – which featured just one line, ‘I’m off to Paris in a Yaris’ – before sharing an ode to a supermarket bag that he sadly lost. The funniest part came when Amanda had to explain to Simon what a ‘bag for life’ is. “If you carry on like this, I could see you in the final,” predicted David.

Micky P Kerr.
Micky P Kerr

Suzanne and Roxanne Chay (4 yesses) – Pianist Roxanne and her singing sister Suzanne have been encouraged by their mother, who thinks they were destined to pursue music together. She’ll no doubt be shocked to see them on telly tonight, however, as they kept their BGT audition a secret. The judges were charmed by their rendition of ‘Blinded By Your Grace’. “I really hope that Stormzy gets to see this,” said Alesha. “I think that he’ll be touched that you chose to sing this song and do it so beautifully, in your own way.”

SORA (4 yesses) – SORA came from Japan to showcase his blend of magic – and stripping. His glamorous assistant got the judges to pick ladies’ underwear items by flicking through a sketchbook. Just when it appeared the assistant was about to strip, SORA took off his OWN clothes, revealing himself to be wearing the chosen garments. “The weirdest thing for me is that I’m wearing exactly the same underwear,” quipped David. “You’re owning that underwear, and you’re a very talented magician!” grinned Amanda.

Tap Attack (4 yesses) – A group of six teenagers from across the UK, Tap Attack want to put on their own tap-dancing show with the £250,000 jackpot. Judging by their eye-catching audition – which featured two moving fences as props – that show would be a blockbuster. “I really appreciate how much hard work all of you must have put in, the choreography was fantastic,” said Alesha. “I like that it wasn’t overcomplicated, you made good use of the staging,” noted Simon. David described them as “cool and edgy”.

Professor Strange.
Professor Strange

The Nos

Professor Strange (4 nos) – There was an awkward moment for Allin Kempthorne, a.k.a. Professor Strange, when Amanda failed to recognise him as the magician from her daughter’s birthday party. Things went from bad to worse when the judges lost patience with his underwhelming umbrella illusion. “I don’t think there’s much to say, but I think Eric will love this,” Simon said, referring to his son. As Allin headed home with four nos, David poked fun at Amanda, smirking: “Great act you booked for your kids, really good!”


JOBO (4 nos) – Physiotherapist JOBO tried to inject some excitement in to a game of pool by taking shots one-handed while balancing on one leg. If that sounds a little bit ridiculous to you, don’t worry; the judges thought so too and quickly hit their buzzers. “You’re probably number one in the world for this. Is there a number two?” joked David. “You’re really clever at it, but I don’t think it’s entertainment,” commented Amanda. “If it won Britain’s Got Talent and the Queen had to watch it, I’d be a bit upset.”

The Golden Buzzer

Gruffydd Wyn
Gruffydd Wyn Roberts

Gruffydd Wyn Roberts (Amanda’s Golden Buzzer) – Gruff admitted he would never have “plucked up the courage” to try BGT if it wasn’t for his enthusiastic brother and mates. However, the opera singer’s nerves were quickly exposed on stage when Simon asked about his complicated living situation, leaving him stuttering.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Simon then interrupted Gruff’s first performance, ‘Un Giorno Per Noi’. “You’re very nervous, this was very cold and mechanical,” he said.

After a mouthful of water, Gruff began his second song, ‘Nessun Dorma’. As he hit the big notes, the audience rewarded him with a standing ovation. Amid the raucous applause, Amanda hit the Golden Buzzer. “When you can nail that song in this environment with everything that’s going through your head, you deserve what you just got,” Simon reacted.

Gruffydd Wyn Roberts

“When you were ten and Paul Potts auditioned for this show, he blew us away with that song,” Amanda recalled. “You just did the same.”

Amanda’s decision means Gruff is now guaranteed a place in the live semi-finals, alongside Marc Spellmann, Tim and Jack Goodacre, Donchez Dacres and Lifford Shillingford.

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Britain’s Got Talent 2018 continues next Saturday at 8.00pm on ITV, with the last round of auditions.


As always, Britain’s Got More Talent with Stephen Mulhern airs immediately afterwards on ITV2.

The live shows begin on Monday 28th May, airing nightly throughout the week.