Britain’s Best Parent? New Channel 4 show sees parents go head to head

A new Channel 4 series will see parents go head to head in a bid to be crowned ‘Britain’s Best Parent’.

In a five-part series provisionally titled Britain’s Best Parent?, different parenting styles will be put to the test.

At the end of the experiment, a panel will vote on whose way is best.

Channel 4 say: “What is the best way to raise a child? It’s a perennial question almost every parent asks and an issue almost everyone has an opinion on. With such an array of extreme, weird and wondrous styles out there and with countless new parenting books, apps and podcasts popping up weekly does a perfect parenting philosophy really exist?”

The series will bring together those who believe they’ve mastered motherhood and flourished at fatherhood to compete to prove why their way of bringing up baby is the right way.

It’ll be down to a studio audience, representative of the nation, to judge and ultimately vote on whose way is the best way.

In each of the first four episodes, three different sets of parents will get the chance to showcase their individual parenting techniques for a day. But the parents won’t just be in charge of their own kids, they’ll also be tasked with looking after a child from each of the other two families too.

At the end, the families will all come together to view, debate and discuss each of their respective experiences. How will the parents react when they see the competition in action?

Then, at the end of each episode, the studio audience will have the chance to vote for their preferred parenting style.

The fifth and final episode will feature the four finalists from the previous episodes going head to head as one final studio audience vote decides who is crowned Britain’s Best Parent? (w/t) The series will explore all aspects of child-parent relationships, from dietary requirements and sleep regimes, to social media access and discipline.

Vivienne Molokwu, Commissioning Editor for Features & Formats at Channel 4 said, “Judging is an instinctive human trait and when it comes to assessing the rights and wrongs of parenting everyone seems to have an opinion, theory or practice they just can’t wait to share.

“Britain’s Best Parent? (w/t) is an ambitious competition format that explores this space and invites debate and discussion about the myriad of ways the nation is raising the next generation.”

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