Big Brother spoilers! Kissing challenge causes drama for Paul and Olivia

A kissing challenge causes drama in the Big Brother house tonight.

In the latest task the housemates are vying for the title of the best kisser in the Big Brother’s Kiss Cam competition.

The remaining housemates will gather in the living room to observe each kiss and determine who possesses the most impressive kissing skills. They will record the name of the most exceptional and passionate kisser on a whiteboard to cast their votes, with the rule that housemates cannot vote for themselves.

Olivia in the task

One by one, the housemates will take their turn in the diary room to participate in Big Brother’s Kiss Cam and deliver their finest smooch.

During the task, Paul originally votes for Olivia before changing it Tom, prompting talk among the housemates.

Kerry, Chanelle and Olivia sit at the dining table and Olivia remarks: “Noky said not to be a grass but before Paul put Tom on the whiteboard, he wrote my name.”

In reference to Paul having a girlfriend, Chanelle responds: “I know why he didn’t put any of the girls on.”

Olivia replies: “Oh no, I know. Thank f**k he changed it.”

Kerry then adds, “In my opinion he’s done too much,” before remarking to Olivia: “Oh sorry.”

Olivia reacts: “Kerry, it’s never reciprocated by me, is it. I’ve never entertained it.”


Paul soon learns about the chat via Chanelle.

He talks to Hallie about the situation saying: “I don’t understand why they are getting involved in my shit. My girlfriend is my girlfriend, they don’t know her.”

Will Paul confront Olivia and Noky to protect his relationship on the outside

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

Tonight also sees the latest live eviction of the series as Hallie, Dylan and Trish face the public vote. The one with the most votes will leave the house this evening.

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