Big Brother housemates set to be joined by friends and family


Friends and family are set to pay the Big Brother housemates a surprise visit this week.

A delightful twist awaits the contestants in a brand new task.

Host AJ Odudu disclosed on last night’s Late & Live that housemates will soon operate the Big Brother Security Hut in pairs, with the belief that they are fending off intruders.

Big Brother Jordan and Yinrun shocked by news

They will be unaware that the visitors will be their very own friends and family.

The relatives and pals of the housemates will make their entry into the house ahead of the grand final next Friday night.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s task in the Big Brother house had the contestants vying for a prize of cash in an icy competition.

The contestants were promptly rallied by Big Brother upon waking up on Sunday morning.

The announcement was clear-cut: “Today you will all be competing for cold hard cash.

“The aim of the game is simple: Retrieve the key from a block of ice first and you’ll win £1,000 in cash.”

Out in the garden, each contestant was assigned to a podium where a key was encased within a large ice block. The rules were simple: release the key without moving the ice block to claim the prize.

Yinrun, unfortunately, was quickly eliminated from the contest for moving her ice block, resulting in her disqualification.

Viewers can catch the outcome of this chilly challenge on Big Brother by tuning into ITV2 on Monday night.

big brother ice cube task

The most recent highlights episode saw the housemates endure a Hunger Games-esque twist, dividing them into two factions.

Comprising District A were Chanelle, Henry, Matty, Noky, and Tom, while District B consisted of Jenkin, Jordan, Olivia, Trish, and Yinrun.

After a string of challenges, District A emerged victorious, gaining immunity for Chanelle from their ranks. Conversely, District B was tasked with nominating a member for potential eviction, with Jenkin ultimately being the one in jeopardy.

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