Beauty And The Geek returns for new series hosted by Matt Edmondson and Mollie King

Beauty And The Geek is set to return for a brand new series.

The reality show sees self-proclaimed ‘geeks’ partnered with ‘beauties’ as the couples compete for a cash prize.

Across a new eight-part series on streamer discovery+, the pairs will be set a series of challenges with the winners sharing a £50,000 prize.

Radio and TV presenters Matt Edmondson and Mollie King will front the series which starts on 25 September.

Matt Edmondson said: “I have absolutely no idea why Mollie and I have been chosen to host this show – I get that I am a natural beauty, but I’ve never really thought of her as a ‘geek ’- nevertheless, I’m certain we’ll have a blast hosting the UK series of Beauty And The Geek.

“I love this show and the fact it brings people together who, at first, might seem worlds apart to prove that they are not so different at all. As the saying goes, ‘you can never judge a book by its cover’.”

Mollie King added: “I can’t wait to host the return of the UK series of Beauty And The Geek with Matt! As a pair, we are determined to help the couples get the best out of this adventure, and really want them to bring out the best in one another.

“Of course being a hopeless romantic I’m hoping to see some sparks fly too! Ultimately, we want everyone to be seen and appreciated for who they really are inside.”

Beauty And The Geek first aired in the US in 2005 while a UK series previously aired in 2006 on E4 featuring voiceover from David Mitchell.

Clare Laycock, SVP Planning & Insights, Head of Entertainment at Discovery UK, said: “Beauty And The Geek has enjoyed huge international success and we are delighted to bring it back to the UK and give discovery+ viewers access to another hit reality show.

“We are excited to work with Matt Edmondson and Mollie King, a perfect fit for the show, who will put this year’s couples through a series of tasks that challenge stereotypes, misconceptions and ask the ultimate question: do ‘opposites’ attract?”

Katy Manley, Managing Director for Initial, Producers of Beauty And The Geek, added: “We are delighted to bring this iconic reality show back to the UK through discovery+.

“We know many viewers will have fond memories of the original show and we’re confident this updated version, where singles of all walks of life hope to find love, friendship and even confidence, will surprise and delight old fans whilst also bringing this entertaining, heart-warming show to a new audience.”

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