Bear Grylls to take David Walliams into the wild for new ITV special

Bear Grylls will take Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams on an epic adventure for ITV.


Global adventurer Bear Grylls, will take actor, author and comedian David Walliams out of the glamorous world of showbiz and into the wild, for a new special.

Airing on ITV, Bear’s Mission with David Walliams is a new one-hour programme that will see the funnyman step out from behind the judges desk.

Used to judging others on their performances on Britain’s Got Talent, this time David will himself be put under pressure.

He’ll embarks on an adrenaline-fuelled mission testing his mental and physical limits, through one of the UK’s most spectacular landscapes.

David is pushed to the very edge of his abilities and tests his own fear of heights when he has to abseil down a cliff and climb up an old viaduct.

Bear’s mission will also see David reflect on his life, achievements and anxieties as he spends the day with Bear in the very heart of the Devon countryside.


Over a fire, David tells Bear about suffering from depression as a teenager and having been through long periods stuck in a bleak place mentally.

David explains how becoming a father has helped him to look at life more positively and speaks of the need for men in particular not to be ashamed of asking for help.

Bear’s Mission with David Walliams airs at 9PM on Tuesday, May 14 on ITV.

Bear Grylls said: “David has accomplished some amazing endurance feats including swimming down the River Thames and across the English Channel.


“This mix of stamina and his unrelenting sense of humour, will make this a mission I’m sure we’ll both never forget. The wild awaits.”

David Harrison, Executive Producer for programme makers betty, added: “David Walliams is one of the UK’s best-loved actors, author and comedian and with his impromptu humour and spontaneity, there really is a sense that absolutely anything could happen.”