BBC Four and CBBC to move online as BBC announces huge changes

BBC Four and CBBC will move online as part of major changes announced by the BBC today.

In a lengthy announcement, the BBC has revealed its “blueprint to build a digital-first public service media organisation”.

It includes plans to stop broadcasting CBBC and BBC Four “after the next few years” and move them online.

It’s the same thing that happened to BBC Three in 2016 – only to be brought back to TV earlier this year.

Other changes include the merging of BBC World News and BBC News Channel into one while “shifting significant amounts of money into new programmes for iPlayer”.

There are also set to be big shake ups to the BBC’s radio and journalism operations with up to 1,000 jobs at risk across the corporation.

The BBC say the move “represents £500m of annual savings and reinvestment”.

Director-General Tim Davie told staff: “This is our moment to build a digital-first BBC. Something genuinely new, a Reithian organisation for the digital age, a positive force for the UK and the world.

“Independent, impartial, constantly innovating and serving all. A fresh, new, global digital media organisation which has never been seen before.

“Driven by the desire to make life and society better for our licence fee payers and customers in every corner of the UK and beyond. They want us to keep the BBC relevant and fight for something that in 2022 is more important than ever.

“To do that we need to evolve faster and embrace the huge shifts in the market around us.”

He added: “I believe in a public service BBC for all, properly funded, relevant for everyone, universally available, and growing in the on-demand age. This plan sets us on that journey.”

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