All star cast announced for BBC One’s gripping new drama Reunion

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An all star cast will take up roles in brand new BBC One drama Reunion.


The emotional thriller of revenge and redemption follows the journey of Brennan, a deaf man determined to right his wrongs, while unravelling the truth behind the events that led him to prison.

Written by Sheffield-born deaf writer William Mager, Reunion will star Matthew Gurney, Lara Peake, Anne-Marie Duff, Eddie Marsan and Rose Ayling-Ellis.

Matthew Gurney leads the cast as Daniel Brennan, a recently released prisoner. Brennan grapples with his place in society, caught between the hearing world and a deaf community that shuns him due to his past crime.

Isolated from his closest friends and unable to reintegrate, his only meaningful relationship is with his estranged daughter Carly, played by Lara Peake. Brennan hasn’t had any contact with Carly since his arrest over a decade ago.

Anne-Marie Duff stars as Christine, who is determined to uncover the truth about Brennan’s crime. She is joined by Eddie Marsan as Stephen Renworth, Christine’s protective boyfriend, and Rose Ayling-Ellis as Miri, her daughter.

The cast also features Stephen Collins as Sean, Ace Mahbaz as Ray Mokhtar, Sophie Stone as Naomi Brennan, Olive Gray as Anna Shenford, and Joe Sims as Joe Summers. Additionally, Julian Peedle-Calloo appears as Gardner, Cherie Gordon as Tasha, Rinkoo Barpaga as Vinay, James Joseph Boyle as Matthew, Duffy as David, Joanne Harrison as Brennan’s mum, and David Hirshman as Brennan’s dad.

Matthew Gurney said: “William’s scripts are electrifying and it’s a privilege to bring Brennan to life in this gripping tale of revenge, redemption and reconciliation.”

Anne-Marie Duff added: “I am genuinely thrilled to be a part of this very exciting production. It is rare to witness a narrative where the audience is taken on a journey with a very different set of senses. It’s about our need to acknowledge each other’s truths- both inside our own families and beyond. The team is so extraordinary. I feel very honoured to be rubbing shoulders with them.”


William Mager, writer and executive producer commented: “I wanted to address a difficult topic that’s mostly unique to the deaf community in the vehicle of a mystery thriller that educates audiences about what it’s like to be deaf, without falling into the usual tropes of ‘deep, rich and beautiful sign language’ and ‘living in a silent world’. We have an incredible wealth of deaf acting talent in this country, and I can’t wait to see what they can do.”

The four-part series is currently filming in and around Sheffield.

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