BBC announces Scot Squad spin-off The Chief

Scot Squad

The BBC has announced a new comedy spin-off from the award-winning comedy Scot Squad.

Set in Scotland, The Chief is a scripted sitcom which will air across four episodes.

A deep dive into the daily duties of Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson (played by Jack Docherty) from the Scottish Police Force. The Chief at work and at home dealing with colleagues, bams and family alike. As Miekelson wrestles with contemporary dilemmas and navigates workplace politics, he must do his best to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

The Chief features a cast of regular co-workers and confidantes as well as his daughter, Ellen. Filming begins later this year with further casting to be announced soon.

Jack Docherty said of reprising his role as the inimitable Chief Miekelson: “I’m delighted that The People’s Chief is back in a brand new sitcom. We find him still clinging to his job as the top dog, the big man, the numero uno in a modern, progressive Scottish Police Force.

“He’s desperate to prove that he’s still relevant in the world of office politics, culture wars, family and fatherhood. I love playing this character and can’t wait to unleash him once again on the great Scottish public.”

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