British TV Shows Set In Scotland You Must Watch

The Victim
The Victim

The rugged beauty and rich history of Scotland have provided a captivating backdrop for many UK television shows.

From gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, Scotland’s scenery and culture have been integral to these stories.

The Victim

Set in Edinburgh and Greenock, this legal drama centers on a mother seeking justice for her son’s murder and the subsequent trial. The Victim is notable for its intense storytelling and the moral complexities it explores. Watch on Prime Video

Monarch of the Glen

Set in the fictional Glenbogle estate in the Scottish Highlands, Monarch of the Glen combines drama and comedy. The series follows the life of a young restaurateur who returns home to run his family’s estate, offering a heartwarming portrayal of Scottish country life. Watch on BBC iPlayer

Still Game

This comedy series is set in a fictional suburb of Glasgow and focuses on the lives of two pensioners, Jack and Victor. Still Game is celebrated for its humorous take on the challenges and joys of growing older in Scotland. Watch on BBC iPlayer


Shetland logo

Shetland is a crime drama series based on the novels of Ann Cleeves. Set in the remote Scottish Shetland Islands, the show is known for its compelling storylines and the breathtaking scenery that forms its backdrop. Watch on BBC iPlayer


Outlander is firmly rooted in Scottish history and culture. This historical drama, based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels, mixes romance, adventure, and time travel, showcasing Scotland’s landscapes and heritage. Watch on Prime Video

The Nest

The Nest is a Glasgow-set drama centring on a wealthy couple and a teenage girl who agree to a surrogacy arrangement. The series explores themes of class, aspiration, and morality amidst the backdrop of the city’s contrasting landscapes. Watch on Disney+

One of Us

This thriller, set in the Highlands and Edinburgh, follows the aftermath of a brutal murder that affects two families. One of Us is notable for its dark themes, complex characters, and the stark beauty of its Scottish locations. Watch on BBC iPlayer


One of Scotland’s most iconic television exports, Taggart is a gritty detective series set in Glasgow. Famous for its dark storylines and the memorable catchphrase There’s been a murder!, the show’s longevity is a testament to its popularity and the strength of its Scottish identity. Watch on ITVX


GUILT. Pictured: Jake (JAMIE SIVES); Max (MARK BONNAR). Credit: BBC/Expectation/Happy Tramp North/Anne Binckebanck

Set in Edinburgh, Guilt combines elements of dark comedy and crime. The series begins with an accidental crime and spirals into a story of complex moral dilemmas, set against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s elegant streets and shadowy corners. Watch on BBC iPlayer

Two Doors Down

This sitcom is set in a suburban street in Glasgow and focuses on the everyday lives of its residents. Two Doors Down offers a humorous look at the quirks and foibles of Scottish suburban life. Watch on BBC iPlayer

Field of Blood

Set in Glasgow in the 1980s, Field of Blood is a crime drama that revolves around a young journalist working in a male-dominated newsroom. The series blends a gripping storyline with a portrayal of the social and political climate of the time. Watch on Prime Video

River City

This Scottish soap opera, set in the fictional Glasgow suburb of Shieldinch, offers a slice of life in urban Scotland. River City delves into the lives, loves, and challenges of its diverse characters, presenting a vibrant community with rich storytelling. Watch on BBC iPlayer

Hamish Macbeth

Set in the fictional village of Lochdubh, Hamish Macbeth is a drama series that blends mystery with a touch of comedy. Centering on the character of PC Hamish Macbeth, the show captures the idiosyncrasies of small-town Scottish life against the stunning Highland scenery. Watch on BBC iPlayer

Case Histories

Case Histories

Based on Kate Atkinson’s novels, Case Histories is a crime drama series set in Edinburgh. The series follows private investigator Jackson Brodie as he solves various complex cases, with the historic and picturesque city of Edinburgh providing a compelling backdrop. Watch for free on UKTV Play

Hope Springs

Set in a fictional Scottish village, Hope Springs is about four female ex-cons who try to start over. This drama-comedy series is known for its beautiful setting, combining Scottish charm with tales of redemption and friendship. Buy on DVD

Lip Service

This drama series is set in Glasgow and follows the lives of a group of LGBTQ+ friends. Lip Service offers a modern and frank portrayal of contemporary relationships and sexuality, set against the urban backdrop of Scotland’s largest city. Watch on Apple TV.

Take the High Road

Known simply as High Road in its later years, this long-running soap opera was set in the fictional village of Glendarroch. The show provided viewers with stories of rural Scottish life, offering a contrast to urban-based dramas. Watch on STV Player


Based on the Ian Rankin novels, Rebus is a detective series set in Edinburgh. The titular character, DI John Rebus, navigates the dark underbelly of the city, with its historic and atmospheric streets playing a key role in the storytelling. Watch on UKTV Play

Scot Squad

This mockumentary comedy series takes a humorous look at the everyday tasks of the Scottish police force. Set across various locations in Scotland, Scot Squad offers a light-hearted and affectionate parody of policing in Scotland. Watch on BBC iPlayer