Bad Behaviour comes to BBC Three and iPlayer in the UK


BBC Three and BBC iPlayer have acquired the Australian drama series Bad Behaviour.

The series stars Jana McKinnon as Joanna Mackenzie, a 25-year-old woman who reunites with her old high school friend Alice Kang, portrayed by Yerin Ha.

Memories of their time together at Silver Creek, an exclusive girls’ boarding school’s wilderness campus, resurface, particularly the brutal year they spent there.

During their time at the school, Joanna and Alice quickly formed a close friendship until Portia, played by Markella Kavenagh, intervenes. Portia is cool and manipulative, and her involvement creates a rift between Joanna and Alice.

Bad Behaviour delves into the core of our teenage years, exploring the decisions we make to either bully or be bullied, and how these choices can have devastating consequences years later. The series takes viewers on a visceral ride through the complexities of friendship and the impact of past actions on the present.

The four-part series will be available to watch online in the UK on BBC iPlayer and broadcast on BBC Three. A release date is to be announced.

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