Ayda Field is keeping tight-lipped on those X Factor 2018 judging rumours

Actress will reportedly join her husband Robbie Williams on the ITV show

Ayda Field is keeping tight-lipped on rumours that she’s joining her hubby Robbie Williams on The X Factor 2018 judging panel.

Robbie has long been tipped for Simon Cowell’s singing contest, and it seems this year he may finally sign on the dotted line.

However, one out-of-the-blue report recently suggested that he could now be accompanied by wife Ayda.

The Mirror recently claimed that ITV has offered the couple a £10million deal to judge The X Factor together.

Ayda did nothing to quash the rumours when she appeared on Loose Women today.

The show’s hosts took the opportunity to grill her for information – but she refused to confirm or deny the claims.

“Come on, we’ve all read the rumours, we’ve all seen the stories,” Ruth Langsford remarked.

“You and Robbie are joining The X Factor as judges on this year’s panel.”

“Do you know what, Ruth, it’s very rare that I am speechless,” Ayda responded. “I have no comment.”

The ladies kept teasing her, with Kelly Brook asking: “Is it really hard to not talk about something you’re really excited about doing?”

Ruth wondered: “Are you and Robbie going to be one judge together as a couple, or is it going to be you as one judge, Robbie as a judge?”

But Ayda kept her lips sealed, trying her best to change the subject.

“Ruth, have you done something with your hair?” she smirked. “Kelly, it’s so great to see you! It’s so weird being on this new set too, everyone looks so much more vibrant!”

Although Ayda isn’t giving anything away, it won’t be long before ITV has to.

Filming of the arena auditions begins on 18th July, so an official announcement about the new judges is likely imminent.

So far we know that Simon and Sharon Osbourne are both returning – although Sharon will only appear on the live shows.

Louis Walsh has left The X Factor for the second time in four years, while Nicole Scherzinger is also out.