Aston Merrygold shares all about his time on The Masked Singer as Robin

The Masked Singer’s Aston Merrygold has spilled all about his time on the show.


The JLS star finished in third place in Saturday’s final after performing as Robin.

Speaking about signing up for the show, Aston said: “I love singing! So what better challenge than to be able to do it behind a mask and it be all about the voice.”

“It was like a military operation at every turn! That just made it all the more fun,” he said of filming the competition. “It’s actually been quite exciting knowing and my friends and family had no idea.”

Aston continued to discuss his Robin outfit: “I loved my outfit and character.

“As soon as your mask goes on something takes over and that’s it you’re a whole different… I was about to say person but, yeah, you’re the furthest thing from being a person on this show!

“Working with the team to find your perfect alter ego is a lot of fun.


“It definitely made me more confident but at the same time it’s the weirdest feeling singing in a mask.”

Although Aston was correctly guessed by some of the panel, other guesses ranged from Olly Murs to Alexandra Burke.

“Some of their guesses were very flattering and some I was very confused at! The panel are a great bunch and they bring great energy,” said Aston.

Sharing his highlight from the show, Aston went on: “It’s very difficult to choose just one.

“I think the first time putting on the mask is such a crazy experience but then also the unmasking and letting people see who it is… a crazy reaction!”

“It felt great. I got to experience the whole journey and, honestly, I had (maybe too much) fun!” he added.


The Masked Singer UK airs on ITV. You can catch up with the series online now via the ITV Hub.

Following the success of the second series a third run is reportedly in the works.