Arrested Development Season 5 release date, cast and trailer revealed

Arrested Development Netflix air date and spoilers

Arrested Development’s Season 5 release date, cast and trailer on Netflix have been revealed.


The fifth season of Arrested Development has been in the works since 2015 and it’s finally on its way. In fact, when season 5 of Arrested Development is released has just been revealed.

Arrested Development release date

The Arrested Development Series 5 air date has now been confirmed for May 29.

However not all episodes will be available to stream immediately. Instead, the first eight will go online before then second half later in 2018.

Before the Season 5 air date, you can catch up on Season 4 with a new re-edit available online. Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences was released on Netflix last week and turns the previous season’s original individual episodes into a more traditional linier series.

A first trailer has now been revealed, showing that Season 5 will focus on Lindsay Bluth’s political ambitions and the Bluth’s campaign to be crowned the first ever Family of the Year Award (sponsored by the Bluth Company.)


Alongside the trailer is a new website

It teases: “We’re going to spread the Bluth name far and wide — from the stern of the Queen Mary all the way to Irvine we will show you ALL why we WILL win** the Golden Anchor.

“No one’s taking it away from us!!! We’re the best. We’re the Bluths!”

Arrested Development cast

Season 5 of Arrested Development will see the entire starring cast return.

Will Arnett – George Oscar Bluth
Jason Bateman – Michael Bluth
Michael Cera – George Michael Bluth


David Cross – Tobias Fünke
Portia de Rossi – Lindsay Bluth Fünke
Tony Hale – Buster Bluth

Alia Shawkat – Maeby Fünke
Jeffrey Tambor – George Bluth, Sr. / Oscar Bluth
Jessica Walter – Lucille Bluth
Ron Howard – Narrator/Himself

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