The Apprentice fans aren’t impressed the with the finalists


The Apprentice 2017 finalists were revealed tonight as Lord Sugar made his latest boardroom decisions.

The Apprentice 2017 winner is now just one step away from being confirmed with only Sarah Lynn and James White left in the running.

In this evening’s show, the remaining few candidates were given 24 hours to brush up on their business plans before facing the formidable interview process.

After hearing from the interviewers, Lord Sugar made his final decision and it was Joanna Jarjue, Elizabeth Mckenna and Michaela Wain who were all sent packing tonight.

Lord Sugar had all the power as always, but viewers reckon he got it very wrong.

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Sarah’s ‘pick n mix’ business plan seriously failed to win over those watching.

“How tf did someone who puts Haribos into plastic cups with a broken website make the final 3 tho ?? #TheApprentice” one Apprentice fan quipped on Twitter.

Another added: “Sarah needs to stop saying her business plan is unique. Woolworths were selling pick n mix years ago! #theApprentice”

James making the final was also called into question after he was caught out in the interviews lying about a trade accreditation.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis‏ even chimed in, commenting: “I’m stunned at #bbcapprentice decision. From what we’ve seen its either a business in a recruitment salesperson, or a derivative sweets business. My money would’ve clearly gone to Michaela.”

And many others agreed with him.

“Michaela, i am so gutted. really hope she would have won the whole thing. but she’s fantastic and will go far in life. i just know it #TheApprentice,” posted one Twitter user.

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“wtf I am boycotting the apprentice final lord sugars actually stupid Michaela was the best one there ??? #theapprentice” read another tweet.

Either Sarah or James will be named The Apprentice 2017 winner this weekend.

The Apprentice 2017 final airs Sunday night from 9PM on BBC One.

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