The Apprentice candidate shocked by abuse after leaving the show

The latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice 2017 has opened up about being trolled while on the show.


Siobhan Smith became the latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice last night after a failed task involving hosting VIP clients at Wembley Stadium.

Lord Sugar told her: “Siobhan, there were fundamental errors made that an events manager would not make…

“Not having a strategy, when this is your area of expertise; over-ordering is really a crime as far as I’m concerned.

“On that basis Siobhan, I regret to say that you’re fired.”

Speaking out after her exit, Siobhan has revealed the hate sent her way while appearing on the BBC One series.

“I’ve been trolled a hell of a lot because of the show and it’s been horrendous,” she explained. “People have called me a disgusting person, really vile things.


“They have said I look like a man and have been congratulating me on being the first transgender ­person on the show.

“I never expected for people to hate me. I’m a wife and a mother.”

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Siobhan said she “fell apart” last week and said the abuse had “really affected my life.”

She added: “I’ll definitely pay for therapy. I don’t want the production team to be involved in it. I want it to be separate.”

A spokesperson for the show said: “The wellbeing of all our candidates is of paramount importance to us at all times – including after filming and broadcast.


“We give guidance and help about online safety and handling social media, and a professional support team, including a psychologist and doctor, is always available.”

The Apprentice 2017 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One at 9PM.

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