The Apprentice candidate ‘left in tears’ over how she was edited

The Apprentice candidate Joanna Jarjue says she broke down in tears over the editing of the show.

The fashion entrepreneur had made it as far as the interview stages of this year’s show.

Joanna had wanted to launch an online ‘ASOS for Office Workers’ website, providing stylish, professional workwear.

But Lord Sugar fired Joanna alongside Elizabeth Mckenna and Michaela Wain in last week’s show.

After hearing back from the interviews, Lord Sugar said: “I can’t go into business with somebody who has no knowledge of the market at all. Honestly and sincerely, you are a very intelligent young lady, there’s no question of that.

The Apprentice 2017 interviews
The Apprentice interviews

“But at this moment in time Joanna, I have to say to you, that you will not be my business partner and regretfully – you’re fired!”

During the interviews episode, we saw Joanna criticised for being ‘aggressive’ and getting into arguments during tasks.

But speaking out on Twitter this week, she put that perception down to editing and said it had left her in tears.

Joanna tweeted: “Was obvious to me what my ‘character’ was going to be & cried about it behind the scenes but was always scared to voice it out of fear of looking like I was playing the ‘race card’.

“Glad so many other people have noticed especially after it’s so blatant after the final 5 ep.”

She added: “I just feel bad for the experts & interviewers on the show who seem to have taken some the wrap for it because it’s a narrative they didn’t create or probably realise was being engineered.

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“Onwards and upwards this is the last I’ll speak of it but something does need to change because it’s not right.”

Responding to the comments, a spokesperson for The Apprentice said: “We represent candidates in a fair and balanced light, and everything seen on screen is an accurate portrayal of events.”

The Apprentice 2017 final airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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