The Apprentice 2017 spoilers! Candidates battle for control in kitchen cook off

The Apprentice 2017 returns tonight with a brand new cooking challenge.

In this evening’s episode on BBC One, the candidates gather at London’s most famous food market – Borough Market, where Lord Sugar sets them the task of creating a brand new recipe kit.

One half of each team must mastermind the branding, while the other half devise a tasty dish to complement their chosen food trend.

However, a shortage of creative spice on one team means they put the ‘bland’ into their brand. And in the kitchen, a case of too many cooks literally spoils the broth.

In the rival team, a lack of basic culinary skills leaves them stewing and a clash of personalities means the knives are out.

The Apprentice 2017 results

The Apprentice 2017 results

‘The proof of the pudding’ is in their pitch to a panel of food experts, which includes a live cooking demonstration, but simmering tensions leave a sour taste.

Team Graphene produce a ‘toe curling’ pitch to the industry experts with cringe worthy jokes and awkward tensions, while their brand ‘Gourmet Crusaders’ causes confusion among the industry experts who think it’s something to do with war.

Meanwhile, Team Vitality produce a recipe card without step by step pictures, despite the fact that their product is aimed at amateur cooks.

During the task there are clashes, with Joanna and Jade coming to blows.

Jade eventually loses it with Joanna and declares: “I don’t want her on my team, she’s driving me up the wall”

But it appears that Joanna feels similarly about working with Jade: “I’ve never bitten my tongue so much as what I’ve just had to do in that room. It’s like, I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t”

Meanwhile, James notes Elizabeth’s tendency to be controlling: “Elizabeth today has been slightly annoying. When we got in the kitchen she just asks loads of questions and talks, talks, talks…she’s just a full on type of person.”

The Apprentice 2017 results

The Apprentice 2017 results

In the boardroom, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire as Lord Sugar decides one candidate is past their sell-by date as he announces – “You’re Fired!”

Tune in to find out who is next to hear Lord Sugar’s immortal words ‘You’re Fired!’ when The Apprentice 2017 continues tonight, Wednesday 29th November, 9pm on BBC One.

Then straight after on BBC Two, join host Rhod Gilbert on You’re Fired! alongside guests Ed Gamble – comedian, Claudine Collins – Ad Agency CEO and confidante to Lord Sugar and Andi Oliver – Great British Menu Judge and Restauranteur, for a fresh and unique take on the highlights of The Apprentice as well as the first exclusive interviews with the fired candidates.

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