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The Apprentice 2017 spoiler: Candidates create robots for latest task

Here’s a first look at this week’s task on The Apprentice as candidates build robots.


It’s Week 3 and 16 candidates remain in the fight for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 business investment.

So far they’ve had to flip burgers for profit and makeover hotel rooms.

This week, the contestants are summoned to the new Design Museum in London , where Lord Sugar makes a surprise announcement intended to help the boys team get back on track after two losses in a row.

To succeed in this task, the candidates will need to get their heads around cutting edge, new technology because – this week it’s all about Robots!.

Both teams must create a concept robots before pitching and selling them to retailers, however there are struggles on both sides.


One half of each team is sent to Middlesex University to get creative and programme a prototype Robot.

But when the boys target the over 60’s market – their patronising approach leaves the retailers reaching for the off-button.

For the girls, it’s the kids market, but an appalling pitch sees their team in melt down.

The other halves of the teams take on a separate challenge where it’s all fun and games selling toy robots.

The boys, under new leadership see their sales tally get a total reboot this week; but for the girls sales of their flying robot take a nose dive as in-fighting puts them off course.

After a hard day’s human work, it’s back to the boardroom.


There the teams’ performances are reviewed by Lord Sugar, before one team’s ‘malfunctions’ result in someone being deleted from the process – “You’re Fired!”

The Apprentice 2017 airs this Wednesday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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