The Apprentice 2017 results: Who left this week? Fired candidates revealed

Who was fired from The Apprentice this week? Results recap!

Who left The Apprentice 2017 this week? Here’s a recap of all the latest results.


In yesterday evening’s episode of The Apprentice on BBC One, Lord Sugar gathered candidates at Somerset House where the task is revealed.

For their latest challenge, the remaining few candidates were given 24 hours to brush up on their business plans before facing the formidable interview process.

After hearing from the interviewers, Lord Sugar made his final decision and it was Joanna Jarjue, Elizabeth Mckenna and Michaela Wain who were all sent packing tonight.

Following the boardroom, it was Joanna Jarjue, Elizabeth Mckenna and Michaela Wain who all left The Apprentice this week.

The three were fired by Lord Sugar as he decided on the final two.

The Apprentice 2017 winner is now just one step away from being confirmed with only Sarah Lynn and James White left in the running.


The Apprentice 2017 results

James White – 26-year-old Business owner, Recruitment Firm from Birmingham
Sarah Lynn – 35-year-old Business owner, Confectionery Company from London

Joanna Jarjue (FIRED – Week 11) – 23-year-old Digital Marketing Manager from Manchester
Elizabeth McKenna (FIRED – Week 11) – 39-year-old Business owner, Florist Chain from Nottinghamshire
Michaela Wain (FIRED – Week 11) – 33-year-old Business Owner, Construction from Bolton

Harrison Jones (FIRED – Week 10) – 27-year-old Sales Executive from London
Jade English (FIRED – Week 10) – 25-year-old PR & Marketing Manager from Manchester
Bushra Shaikh (FIRED – Week 9) – 34-year-old Business owner, Clothing Company from Surrey
Andrew Brady (FIRED – Week 8) – 26-year-old Project Engineer from Cheshire

Anisa Topan (FIRED – Week 8) – 36-year-old Business owner, Fashion PR Agency from Surrey
Charles Burns (FIRED – Week 8) – 24-year-old Management Consultant from Manchester
Sajan Shah (FIRED – Week 7) – 24-year-old Business owner, Event Company from London


Sarah Jayne Clark (FIRED – Week 6) – 25-year-old Business owner Clothing Company from Derbyshire
Ross Fretten (FIRED – Week 5) – 29-year-old Digital Product Consultant
Siobhan Smith (FIRED – Week 4) – 34-year-old Business owner, Wedding Company from London

Elliot Van Emden (FIRED – Week 3) – 31-year-old Business owner Legal Firm from London
Jeff Wan (FIRED – Week 2) – 28-year-old Business Analyst from London
Danny Grant (FIRED – Week 1) – 32-year-old Business owner, Online Retail Store from Kent

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