The Apprentice 2017 results: Who left? One more candidate is fired!

Who left The Apprentice this week? Week 9 recap!

Who was fired from The Apprentice 2017 this week? The latest results are in from tonight’s show.

In this evening’s episode on BBC One, the candidates gathered at London’s most famous food market – Borough Market, where Lord Sugar set them the task of creating a brand new recipe kit.

One half of each team had to brand their kit while the other worked in the kitchen on the dish.

‘The proof of the pudding’ was their pitch to a panel of food experts, which included a live cooking demonstration.

After the task, it was Bushra Shaikh who left The Apprentice this week.

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The Apprentice 2017 results

On Team Vitality were Project Manager Harrison with Michaela, Jade and Joanna. They had 12 votes from the industry experts.

On Team Graphene were Project Manager Sarah with James, Elizabeth and Bushra. They had 10 votes from the experts.

After losing, Team Graphene battled it out in the boardroom in a heated discussion, leading Sarah to decide to bring Elizabeth and Bushra back into the boardroom with her.

After the three candidates passionately defend themselves to Lord Sugar, he eventually decided to summarise: “Bushra, I’m a great believer in that saying “no smoke without fire” and there has been lots of accusations by your colleagues that they have not seen anything from you.

“And it’s only been these last few hours that you have started to talk up.

“Sarah, the brand name ‘Gourmet Crusaders’, whether you believe it or not, was pretty bad branding. You didn’t get it, and that worries me that you didn’t get it.

“Elizabeth, I seriously believe that you wholeheartedly throw yourself into the task and I know you mean well, but your enthusiasm sometimes is far too much for me to tolerate.

“I have to make a decision, and Elizabeth, I’m really struggling in visualising you as my business partner.

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“But Bushra, I don’t think you’ve done much in these last nine weeks, and it is with regret that you’re fired.”

Bushra will talk to Rhod Gilbert on You’re Fired! on BBC Two at 10pm tonight.

They will be joined by guests Ed Gamble – comedian, Claudine Collins – Ad Agency CEO and confidante to Lord Sugar and Andi Oliver – Great British Menu Judge and Restauranteur, for a fresh and unique take on the highlights of The Apprentice as well as the first exclusive interview with the fired candidate.

The Apprentice 2017 continues Wednesdays at 9PM on BBC One.

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