The Apprentice 2017 results! Who left? Latest candidate is fired!

Who left The Apprentice this week? Week 5 recap!

Who was fired from The Apprentice 2017 this week? The latest results are in from tonight’s show.

Tonight was the show’s traditional scavenger hunt task, with the remaining business wannabes sent out to pick up a list of items at the cheapest price.

This year, to celebrate Lord Sugar’s 70th birthday, the candidates were tasked with acquiring items to mark some of the milestones of his life and career.

Candidates had one day only to bag the nine specific items at the best possible price, before meeting at the House of Lords by 7pm.

As always, there were fines for wrong or missing items as well as a fine for missing the finishing deadline.

The Apprentice 2017 results

apprentice 2017 results week 5 a
Team Graphene was led by Project Manager Joanna with Jade, Sarah-Jayne, Bushra, Anisa, Elizabeth and James. They got all nine items for a total cost of £210.70 but occurred a £100 fine for arriving late, raising their total spend to £210.70.

Team Vitality was led by Project Manager Sajan with Andrew, Ross, Harrison, Charles, Michaela and Sarah. They spent £82.50 on their items but failed to deliver three, incurring fines of £347.53 based on the guide prices of the items. This rose their total spend to £430.03.

Therefore, Vitality lost the task.

In the boardroom, Vitality were quick to point the finger at Project Manager Sajan, however Ross is singled out by Lord Sugar for his lack of participation in the task. Sajan chose sub-team leader Harrison and Ross to return to the boardroom.

In the end Lord Sugar revealed his final decision: “Sajan, a project manager is ultimately responsible for the results of a task, and here there was a total lack of communication, a total lack of strategy.

“Harrison, you talk well. You haven’t impressed me at all. You’ve been sub-team leader a couple of times and not been very successful.”

“And Ross, the genius… well maybe you are a genius. Maybe it is unfair to lay the blame of a task on somebody that did nothing. But on the other hand I wonder whether you are really made for business… Ross, you are a very articulate fellow, but I believe, I say this very respectfully, you are a fish out of water in this process.”

apprentice 2017 results week 5 a

“For that reason, I wish you all the best, but Ross – you’re fired.”

Ross will talk to Rhod Gilbert on You’re Fired! on BBC Two at 10pm, immediately following the main episode. He will be joined by guests Ed Gamble – Comedian, Jenny Éclair – TV Personality and Linda Plant – Fashion Entrepreneur, for a fresh and unique take on the highlights of The Apprentice as well as the first exclusive interview with the fired candidate.

The Apprentice returns on Wednesday 8th November, 9pm on BBC One and BBC One HD

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