The Apprentice 2017 preview as candidates are tested on their negotiating skills

Here’s your first look at The Apprentice 2017 this week as the candidates are tested on their negotiating skills.


Yes, it’s time for the traditional scavenger hunt task.

The regular challenge has been a popular one on The Apprentice over the years and sees candidates having to obtain a list of items for the cheapest prize.

Lord Sugar celebrated his 70th birthday earlier this year, and he tasks the candidates with acquiring items to mark some of the milestones of his life and career.

Candidates have one day only to bag nine specific items at the best possible price, before meeting at the House of Lords by 7pm.

One team is quick to strategise and hit the road. The project manager puts their foot down about negotiations, but difficulty in finding items results in overpaying. There’s confusion over a mystery object and backseat driving leads to them getting lost.


On the other team, poor planning puts them in a traffic jam and a wrong decision about the highest priced item leads to a series of dead ends. So when it comes to getting the goods, the team gets left behind.

In these clips, there is a hunt for a Jewish pastry… with little success. “The supermarket is clearly not a Jewish, Kosher supermarket,” comments Claude Littner as he watches the group. “It’s a Turkish supermarket.”

“They’re going around like headless chickens. You’re not going to get Jewish pastries in a Turkish supermarket.

“This has been a colossal, precious waste of time.”

Over on the other team, Elizabeth and Bushra fail to build bridges over bricks.

“Elizabeth is an uncontrollable, unprofessional, cartoon character,” complains Bushra after another falling out between the girls.

As both teams race to the finish, one speeds ahead into pole position, but for the other, rewriting the rules ends in a total car crash.


In the boardroom Lord Sugar gives out warnings as well as hefty fines for wrong or missing items. On the losing team someone runs their last red light and is given the boot – “You’re Fired!”

The Apprentice 2017 airs Wednesday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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