The Apprentice 2017 accused of ‘unfair editing’ by latest fired candidate


The Apprentice 2017 has been accused of ‘unfair editing’ by the latest fired candidate.

It was Sarah-Jayne Clark who left The Apprentice this week after Lord Sugar sent the candidates to Belgium to run city tours.

And following her exit, Sarah-Jayne has hit out at the show for the way it was edited.

“I was edited at the end to walk out but that wasn’t how it happened. It was done that way to make me look bad,” she complained. “I did wait around and I said well done to Andrew and Charles but that didn’t make the final edit.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Sarah-Jayne continued: “I wasn’t portrayed fairly – they would only show me when I was having a go at people but I did lots more than that.

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“We are warned that it is an edit and you do it over a few days and it is only an hour-long show but still.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Radio Times, Sarah-Jayne went on to insist she didn’t regret not speaking up after Lord Sugar fired her for being ‘too quiet’.

He told her in Wednesday night’s show: “Sarah-Jayne, I’ve been wondering what you do, and now I know what you do.

“It seems to me that you’ve moved yourself over to a convenient place and I think you’ve been in a convenient place for the last six weeks.”

Sarah-Jayne said: “I think if you shout louder you get more airtime, but then again that would be really fake because that’s not me. I’m happy with what I did and it is what it is.”

She added: “You enter the competition to win it and I was definitely in it to win it.

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“But as the weeks went on I think I kind of understood that I wasn’t going to win it.”

The Apprentice 2017 continues next Wednesday night on BBC One.

The next task will see the candidates asked to create a marketing campaign, including TV advert, for a new car.

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