Antiques Roadshow tonight – rare Omega watch, tiny teapot, Star Wars souvenirs

Antiques Roadshow Series 46 - Swanage Pier and Seafront

Antiques Roadshow continues tonight (3 September 2023) on BBC One with its latest episode.

The new instalment sees the roadshow make its stop at Swanage Pier and the picturesque seafront in Dorset.

Among the treasures showcased tonight is a remarkable discovery: a rare Omega watch that has endured the unfortunate fate of being run over by a lawnmower. The question on everyone’s mind is whether expert Richard Price believes this timepiece is salvageable and valuable.

Duncan Campbell is left in awe as he encounters the finest silver piece he has ever encountered during his time on the roadshow. A diminutive teapot crafted by a renowned maker captures his attention, leaving a lasting impression. Meanwhile, a trio of dazzling diamond jewels brings a smile to the face of John Benjamin.

Cristian Beadman takes on the intriguing task of examining an unusual artefact unearthed in a St Albans backyard. The item has the potential to trace its origins all the way back to ancient Egypt, adding an air of mystery to its story. On a more modern note, Mark Hill finds a treasure in the form of souvenirs from the Star Wars film “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Mark’s fascination extends to a unique collection of drag queen costumes that once belonged to the iconic pantomime and TV figure, John Inman. Marc Allum’s attention is captured by a series of hand-drawn Victorian postcards compiled in albums, each conveying an intimate personal narrative.

In a light-hearted moment, Will Farmer challenges Fiona Bruce to a playful guessing game involving his own collection of Poole pottery. However, their endeavour doesn’t go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Raj Bisram, an expert in various items, offers a glimpse into his life story through three personal antiques that hold significant meaning to him.

Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC One tonight, 3 September 2023 at 8PM.

The episode is a brand new one from series 46.

You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.