Ant v Dec: Who is the favourite? Viewers reveal which of the duo they prefer…

A poll has revealed which half of Geordie duo Ant and Dec most people prefer.


And of those quizzed, 24% backed Dec compared to 17% choosing Ant in a YouGov poll.

The remaining 59% couldn’t split the pair, who are soon set to return to TV with I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Ben Glanville, Head of YouGov Omnibus UK, said: “In most cases the public tend to have a favourite member. And a case in point is Ant and Dec.

“While it’s a running joke that many don’t know which is which, the results show that Dec definitely comes out top.”

A number of other famous TV pairs were also put to a public vote to find out the favourite.

EastEnders’ brothers Grant Mitchell and Phil Mitchell were split by 43% and 20% respectively while Noel Gallagher had 34% of their vote compared to brother Liam’s 11%.

When it came to former Great British Bake Off hosts Mel and Sue, the results were the closest of any TV duo.


Mel Giedroyc JUST beat out Sue Perkins by 1%, with 28% of the vote to Sue’s 27%.

The biggest gap was between comedians Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise with 51% and 7% of the vote respectively.