Ant & Dec feared new game show Limitless Win would bankrupt ITV

Ant & Dec were worried their new game show would bankrupt ITV.

The pair launch Limitless Win this Saturday night, describing it as featuring the world’s first ever limitless jackpot.

A previously released teaser reveals: “Every question is an opportunity to climb the endless money ladder and reach the big money, but only a correct answer banks the cash. Push their luck too far and they’ll crash out of the game and lose it all.

“Packed with drama, jeopardy and real emotion, it’s quite literally the biggest prize ever conceived.”

Speaking ahead of the first episode, Ant confessed of the ambitious concept: “We did worry that we were going to bankrupt ITV.”

Dec admitted that everyone was unsure how the idea would progress until filming started: “How would they [the contestants] behave? How would it go? Would they stay in the game forever and keep winning?

“When you turn the light off at night there’s that little thing that goes off in your head that goes, ‘What if someone just keeps winning – what are you going to do?’

“I don’t know what would happen.”

Explaining how the format would stand out from other game shows, Ant shared: “I think ours is different because the answer to every question is a number, and it’s very simple, and everyone can play along

“You don’t have to be the brains of Britain.

“And with other quiz shows, suddenly when you get into very serious money, the answers become impossible to play along with, but with this you can have a stab at every one.”

He added to the Press Association: “And what makes it different is it’s the world’s first limitless jackpot.

“That’s the selling point for us, and that’s what hooked us in, is the fact there’s no top prize, and if you played this game right, you could win millions upon millions of pounds.”

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win will air on ITV starting on Saturday, 8 January 2022 at 8:30PM and continuing weekly.

Episodes will also be available to watch online via the ITV Hub.