Amanda Holden’s Britain’s Got Talent dress tops this year’s TV complaints

Amanda Holden’s revealing dress on Britain’s Got Talent has topped this year’s TV complaints.


Amanda’s risqué outfit back in May’s live shows resulted in 650 official objections to TV regulator Ofcom, more than anything else in 2017 so far.

However the watchdog rejected the complaints and ruled out launching an investigation. They said in a earlier this year statement that the dress “would not have exceeded most viewers’ expectations”.

Ofcom added that “while some outfits were revealing, we considered it was appropriately scheduled”.

Speaking ahead of the live shows, Amanda said if her outfits didn’t get complaints, she was doing something wrong.

“I can’t wait to wear my dresses. They are very flattering, very feminine and a few are… what you would expect,” Amanda told The Sun newspaper. “None of them have been worn before, which is the main thing for me

“I like to know no one six foot tall and skinny has worn it on a red carpet before. That’s why we wait for Cannes to finish before we start choosing.”


And Amanda quipped: “Will people be complaining to Ofcom? I hope so, I really do. I haven’t done my job if they aren’t.”

Ofcom also dismissed complaints aimed at Britain’s Got Talent made after David Walliams dropped his trousers in front of Simon Cowell.

Behind Britain’s Got Talent, March’s Comic Relief telethon was the next most complained about show of the year so far. Over 300 objected to ‘crude language’ and ‘sexual references’ in the night’s sketches.


An episode of Emmerdale attracted 275 complaints over a violent storyline while Good Morning Britain’s interview with ex former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson prompted 181 complaints.

Rounding off the top 5 was ITV sitcom Benidorm which received 137 complaints over a perceived offensive joke.