Amanda Holden to explore the history of sex for new TV show

Sex: A Bonkers History start date

Amanda Holden is to front a new TV show exploring the history of sex.

Amanda will join forces with best-selling author and historian Dan Jones to host Sex: A Bonkers History on Sky HISTORY from this September.

The pair will explore how sexual behaviours through the ages have shaped civilisations in ways we are only now beginning to discover. The series will use archive footage and drama reconstruction, with Amanda Holden and Dan Jones taking the leading roles to shed light on history’s best unknown sex stories.

Dan Jones and Amanda Holden
Dan Jones and Amanda Holden. Credit: A+E Networks EMEA/Sky History/Leigh Keily.

A teaser shares: “Amanda and Dan will explore how attitudes towards sex and sexuality have evolved throughout the ages, from the origination of the first contraceptive in ancient Egypt to swinging in 70’s suburban Britain.

“Along the way they will discover how the Tudor sexual appetites changed the course of British history forever, and they will delve into Georgian Britain to discover that its prim and proper facade couldn’t be further from the truth.

“The pair also reveal how the Victorian era was secretly one of the most sexually progressive in the world. Lastly, they discover that sexual attitudes in the 20th century have changed more than in any other period in history and that this rate of change only continues to accelerate.”

Guests across the series will include sex historian Dr. Kate Lister, author of ‘A Curious History of Sex’, international teacher of Dominance studies Anne O Nomis, author of ‘The History & Arts of the Dominatrix’ and the late executive chair of Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold CBE, in her very last television interview.

Amanda Holden said: “Believe me when I say our generation knows nothing about sex compared to the debauched antics of our ancestors! My goodness, I’ve really had my eyes opened, and had a real laugh, during the filming of this brilliant new series.

“I have left it to Dan Jones to get his hands dirty whilst I’ve been on the side-lines as a very entertained voyeur. Although perhaps shocking at times, Sex: A Bonkers History is a truly fascinating and intellectual insight into the last 2500 years of our sexual history. This is horrible histories for grown-ups.”

Sex: A Bonkers History premieres Monday, 18 September on Sky History

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