Amanda Holden shares Britain’s Got Talent’s backstage secrets

Amanda Holden has been spilling Britain’s Got Talent’s backstage secrets.


The new series begins this Saturday night with Amanda back alongside David Walliams, Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon.

During the audition tour, the judges travelled together on a private jet to auditions.

Amanda revealed: “It’s sort of fun! It used to be that Alesha and I would sit with Simon and David but now Ant and Dec are involved, all the boys sit down one end but me and Alesha have more fun because we’re up the other end with the PAs and we’ve got the chocolates, bags of crisps and red wine, screaming with laughter.

“I think they all talk business down the other end. So unless their voices lower, that’s when me and Alesha go down to make sure we’re not missing any gossip, I think we have more fun anyway!”

Britain's Got Talent 2018 judges
Britain’s Got Talent 2018 judges

Amanda went on to say that David had been making sure that everyone knew he was this year’s Best TV Judge winner at the NTAs.

“I think Simon’s taken it well, considering and David is banging on about it constantly as you would expect,” Amanda spilled. “He’s brought them to auditions and uses them as weights most days. I have to say, I’m thrilled for David. He is brilliant and he has changed the show, he’s added more humour to it.


“I sat next to Simon the other week and he was wrapped in toilet paper and I just thought, ‘This would never have happened 10 years ago with me and Piers Morgan!’. I took so many pictures of him, I couldn’t get over it – toilet paper man, Andrex man, you can think of loads of hashtags for it.

“I’ve known Simon for such a long time and he has a really naughty, brilliant, mischievous sense of humour, very witty. I think having David on the end has brought it out of him because he’s had some competition.”

Meanwhile, Amanda teased her golden buzzer act for this year.

She revealed: “I pressed it on the first day in Blackpool and that’s not something I would have predicted. I thought I would have played a longer game.

Amanda hits the golden buzzer

“I thought I’d be paranoid that I would miss out on so much more. But you have to go with the feeling in your tummy and I got that feeling. I had to press my golden buzzer.


“It was right in the moment; the man did an amazing rendition of his song. For me he was in absolutely the right time, the right moment, the right person. I can’t wait to see what he does in the live shows.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday 14th April, 8pm on ITV.