Amanda Holden celebrates her ’50th’ birthday on Britain’s Got Talent

So how old is Amanda?

Amanda Holden celebrates her ’50th’ birthday on Britain’s Got Talent this weekend.


And she’s far from happy about it.

Backstage on Britain’s Got More Talent, Stephen Mulhern helps Amanda celebrate turning her landmark birthday.

Armed with balloons, cake and presents, he surprises Amanda in the judges’ room.

But a fuming Amanda snaps: “I’m only 47!”

“I think we all know in the entertainment business we have the work age and the real age,” says Simon Cowell.


“I hate you all,” Amanda responds, before wishing for another 80 years in showbiz as she blows out the candles on her cake.

You can watch a first look at the latest episode above.

Other acts this weekend include comedy magician Mandy Muden and young ballroom duo Lexie and Christopher.

Elsewhere in this Saturday’s More Talent, it’s Amanda Holden vs BGT legend Paul Potts in an epic ping pong ball based showdown – but who will emerge victorious?

Plus, Stephen meets quite the impressionist…

As always, Stephen will be getting to know a whole new host of hilarious unseen contestants in his own unique way and as ever, it’s these acts that make Britain’s Got More Talent such compelling viewing.

Stephen will be coming face-to-face with the unusual, the incredible and the downright outrageous.

The star of stage and screen continues to get the very best access to the judges, finding out more about them, and more importantly what the judges think of each other!


This series will be as fun filled as ever with Stephen asking the judges and acts all the questions that no one else would dare to, and playing games with them that no one else would want to.

Britain’s Got More Talent is back on TV tonight Saturday 28 April at 9.20pm on ITV2