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Alone: New Channel 4 show sees £100k prize in ultimate survival challenge

Alone UK version

Ten contestants will compete for a £100,000 prize in Channel 4’s new ultimate survival challenge.


Alone will see a group of Brits dropped into the remote Northern Canadian wilderness.

Provided with only a handful of basic tools and filming equipment, they must survive entirely alone with the last one standing taking the cash prize.

A teaser shares: “Alone is TV’s most extreme and uncompromising survival experiment: the ultimate test of endurance and ingenuity, in one of the most beautiful but challenging landscapes on earth.

“The six-part series will see ten contestants dropped into the remote Northern Canadian wilderness, where each must survive entirely alone. They’ll be equipped with only a handful of basic tools and must film their adventure themselves.

“They’ll battle the elements, loneliness and wild animals including bears, moose and wolverines, in a trial of skill, mental strength and resilience. Whoever lasts longest will win £100,000.”

The show has already proved a hit in the US where it has aired nine series to date.

The UK version will begin on Channel 4 in 2023 with an exact start date to be confirmed.

Channel 4’s Ian Dunkley said: “In one of the most inhospitable locations on earth, the cast will not only have to battle the elements and hostile wildlife, but also themselves, facing adversity with no camera crew, no producers and no catering trucks on standby.


“It will provide a fascinating insight into the human spirit and what it takes to survive against all the odds.”

Executive producer Rachel Bloomfield added: “Alone is the most real and raw survival series on television. Ten ordinary people will go on an extraordinary adventure. We hope what will begin as a bare-knuckle survival challenge, will go on to reveal itself as a complex and beautifully layered series – an examination of self and soul, as well as outdoors skills.”

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