Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary to host This Morning for half term


Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary will takeover This Morning all next week for half-term.

The pair, who currently front the show on Fridays, will present the ITV daytime series daily between 18 and 22 October at 10AM on ITV and ITV Hub

Alison said ahead of their stint in charge: “The last time we did it, I really enjoyed the intenseness of it and seeing him every single day [laughs]. I’m hoping to have a couple of meals out, some lunches with him as well.”

Dermot agreed: “Intenseness is the perfect word to describe it, but it’s a pleasant intenseness. I like coming in every day for a week and getting into the groove and swing of it – and of course, seeing Alison every day.”

He continued to speak about their previous times hosting together: “Getting to know her and getting to trust her – our friendship is definitely the highlight, it’s lovely how it’s been nurtured over time. I’ve found a sister and a friend, which is nice. Something has really clicked in the last four months.

“Our highlights are also things like, ‘That worked well last week.’ I also like it when we’re talking about stuff that’s happening and you feel like you’re tapping in on the conversation with the country.”

Alison added: I also love the half an hour after the show where we can eat the food. It’s like being in a restaurant with him. After the show, the lights go out and no-one takes any notice of us and we’re there in our own little world!”

Meanwhile Dermot revealed how he prepares for live shows, sharing: “I’ve got a show tune. On the way in, I work out what song I’m going to walk into the make up room with. I even get it to the point of the song where it’s going to be a good chorus before I step into the room.

“I did No More Tears by Barbra Streisand and Donna Air recently and Alison and I did a little dance before catching up on the week. I have to do something that makes her happy, otherwise she has a go at me if it’s not funny enough!”

Alison said: “Yeah, I love that I have to be honest. It brings me joy. I like that ritual, but when it comes to things like breakfast, I switch it up a bit. Some days I have poached eggs and avocado, other days I might just have a protein shake.”

The duo also spoke about This Morning’s recent National Television Awards win with Alison saying: “I do feel really proud. I’ve been here a long time. All these achievements have been incredible. I know people may think we take it for granted, but we really don’t. I’m really honoured to be a part of the show.”

And Dermot joked: “I’m just relieved. If we hadn’t won the NTA this year, there’s no prize for guessing who would be to blame!”

Alison and Dermot will present This Morning daily between October 18th-22nd at 10am on ITV and ITV Hub.

Picture: ITV