Alice & Jack cast, plot and episodes of Channel 4 drama

Alice & Jack - First Look. A couple sit on a bench and look at one another

Brand new drama Alice & Jack starring Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson arrives on Channel 4 this Valentine’s Day.

Where to watch

Alice & Jack comes from award-winning writer and film director Victor Levin (Mad Men, Mad About You). Episodes air twice weekly on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10PM on Channel 4.

Alternatively, all episodes are available to stream from

What’s the plot?

When Alice and Jack first meet, they are bound by a connection so powerful it seems nothing can break it. But a deep trauma from Alice’s past causes her to reject Jack, leading them to part ways.

Over the years that follow, their lives continue to intersect. Each time, the raw love between them is broken by circumstance, the past, or their own imperfections.

Then, just when it seems that their love will finally become tangible, they receive terrible news that will irrevocably change both of their futures.

In the end, Alice and Jack may even wonder if it’s possible that love can last beyond life itself.Honest, intimate, and surprisingly funny, the series shows love in all its unexpected, technicolour, kaleidoscopic beauty

Meet the cast

Academy Award-nominated actress and producer Andrea Riseborough (To Leslie, Birdman) and actor, director, and screenwriter Domhnall Gleeson (Brooklyn, The Revenant), star as a love-struck couple.

Aisling Bea (Greatest Days, This Way Up), Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education, Living) and Sunil Patel (This Time with Alan Partridge, Stath Lets Flats) also feature in supporting roles.

Andrea Riseborough said: “This story is for anyone who could or couldn’t make the sacrifice that love demanded, for anyone who battles and accepts the one who makes their soul soar, for anyone who longs to feel, who has felt, and who feels the tingling anticipation of love’s joy.”

Domhnall Gleeson added: “Alice & Jack keep coming back to each other because they can’t help themselves – they find in each other something that they don’t have on their own. I think they’re soulmates, I think it’s bigger than just the two of them.

“Their story centres on connection and love in the most beautiful way and reminds us that we are always allowed to smile – even if it’s through the tears.”


Episode 1

When Alice and Jack meet, they are bound by a powerful connection that seems like nothing can break. But a deep and powerful trauma from Alice’s past causes her to reject Jack, who finds solace in other, less profound relationships.

Episode 2

Jack is now happily married to Lynn with a baby when an unexpected call from Alice turns his life upside down. Torn by his feelings for Alice, Jack decides to see her in secret with devastating consequences.

Episode 3

Years after their last encounter, Jack receives a surprise invitation from Alice.Their feelings for each other soon surface,raising doubts about whether Alice is ready to be in a relationship with anyone right now.

Episode 4

Alice disappears from Jack’s lifeuntil years later Celia seeks her out to get some answers about Jack. Their relationship inspires Alice to think about her future.

Episode 5

Jack and Alice meet again. Their joy is cut short by devastating news that forces Alice and Jack to re-evaluate what they’re doing with their lives.

Episode 6

Over a decade since their great romance started, Jack and Alice face their greatest obstacle. Their relationship has survived everything thrown their way but with the greatest battle ahead, is it possible that love can overcome anything?

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