Alexandra Burke opens up about struggles after The X Factor

Alexandra Burke has admitted to struggling following her time on The X Factor.

Alexandra won The X Factor in 2008, leading to a debut Number 1 album along with hit singles including Start Without You, Bad Boys and winner’s song Hallelujah.

However Alexandra’s career stalled when her follow up suffered repeated delays.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Alexandra released a second album, Heartbreak on Hold, which only peaked at Number 18.

Shortly after she was dropped, and it left Alexandra feeling low.

“It hasn’t been plain sailing since X Factor. I took a life-coaching course in 2013 in New York to help with my confidence,” the singer explained this week. “I was quite low back then — changing record labels knocked me.”

Writing in the Daily Mail, Alexandra candidly confessed: “In this industry, it’s easy to be smiling all the time and saying everything’s great. I never opened up about anything, and everything was always fine.

“Life-coaching helped me to become stronger and be honest. It hit me that it’s OK to say you’re not alright all the time. It’s changed me.”

She added: “Today, if I can move someone to speak out and not keep things locked in, that’s maybe why I’m here. I just think that’s important: to try and stay positive in the darkest hour.”

Alexandra is now making a comeback after signing a new record contract with Decca Records.

Her record The Truth Is is out this week and is available to buy here.

Alongside her album, Alexandra will be heading out on a brand new tour in September.