Aldi’s Christmas Secrets on Channel 4

Aldi has opened its doors to cameras for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their preparations for Christmas 2023.

As the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket, Aldi’s headquarters are buzzing with activity as they prepare for their grandest Christmas celebration in the UK to date.

However, the festive spirit faces early challenges, including a problematic giant chocolate bauble and concerns over whether their smoked salmon is sufficiently festive for holiday parties.

Julie Ashfield, the managing director of buying, is on a mission to find an innovative star product that will impress customers.

The team ponders the audacity of a pigs-in-blanket flavoured ice cream – a potentially bold step even for Aldi’s adventurous standards.

Simultaneously, their marketing agency believes they’ve concocted the perfect viral campaign to attract shoppers. This idea could either shine brightly as a stroke of marketing genius or end up as a highly visible festive flop.

Aldi’s Christmas Secrets airs tonight (18 December) on Channel 4 at 9PM.